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1B and Coffee - Good, Bad or Meh?

Coach, is there a detrimental effect of coffee (or caffeine) on type 1B.

I know it raises cortisol, but what effect will it have on dopamine, energy, motivation etc.

And is there a difference between consuming coffee for 1A and 1B.

Thank you very much.

Just to bounce on matej’s question : Is it only caffeine that we should avoid, or coffee without caffeine is also to be avoided ?

1Bs will tolerate caffeine very well. For 1As it would be a problem. 1Bs have a fast adrenaline and dopamine clearance, making them less at first of nervous burnout from too much cortisol/adrenaline.

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Thank you Coach!!

Im a 1B, and love me some coffee. Up until 6 months ago, I was not drinking it, but now I drink it with my learning/reading time in the day so I anchored the taste of coffee with the excitement of learning new stuff that interest me.

What about sugar/sweeteners/honey in the coffee, is that somewhat of a downer for type 1’s??

I put like 15g of honey in coffee.

@Christian_Thibaudeau I will re-do your test, want to know this new things like metabolism and enzymes that you put in the new version of the test. Is the new version on for purchase?

First time I was high 1A/1B score, but because I wanted to be a 1A, so my answers polluted the results. From all of the information I gathered about neurotyping, now I know that I am 1B (and the test originally said so).

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@matej_tandaric From what I understood, better be 1B ! Don’t complain ahah

Thanks @Christian_Thibaudeau for the insights !

I have found this to be true in my own training. I am a 1A and coffee is a problem. It amps me up into pure beast mode for about 30-45 minutes and then the crash is devastating and lasts for hours.

Hows coffee for 3A?

Being a 1b myself, I used to love a large dose of caffeine before my workout and I noticed little in the way of side effects, however I can’t feel my cortisol level. After a while, the caffeine stopped having much effect and I have mostly ditched it for pre-workout. I still love my morning espresso… or 4… or 5… and sometimes one after work.