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1A - Is This Correct to Do?

CT is this for a 1A split, I’ve been doing #bodybuilding work for so long i need a complete change.

3 days per week heavy full body -3-5 big lifts (3/2/1, 54321, sets of 3, ramping up etc)

3 days per week rings (holds, levers, dips, pullups)

Thanks Ct

Ring work isn’t really a Type 1A thing and I don’t really want to comment on them as it is a subject that does not interest me. Ring holds will fit a 1A but more complex skills might not. The lifting that seems fine… big lifts is too much. If you are using more than 3 work sets per big lift I would prefer 3 big lifts per session and 1 assistance move

Would 3 big lifts per lifting session and 3 sessions of carries work better ?

I would prefer it, yes. Keep the carries heavy, under 12 seconds. You can still do some ring hold, but be careful with the overall volume. Type 1A = 40 min workouts

Great, thank you coach