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19yrs Old. 215lbs. Rate My Quads Please




You're going to get a ton of shit if you don't post the required pics. This is not the "Rate my Quads" forum.

Just a heads up.



quads look great, get working on those calves they are a bitch to bring up

nice job


^^ Seconded, but to be fair...how often do we get someone asking us to rate their legs? Usually it's a "how hawt are my abz" or "do my biceps make you jizz in your pants" thread.


inst this the guy with that huge deadlift? props on the lifting accomplishments and wheels are lookin good too


thanks yes that is me I think (800) lol.


Lol - true.

Looking good - nice separation and shape. Could use more sweep though. : )


Shit man... what weight are you trying to get down to? You're looking super lean right now. Think you'll be able to pull that 800 you did at 220 or even 198?


I wanna get 4x bodyweight so like 210 for the gym, and maybe 198 for the meet in july.


Sick legs dude!

Makes me wish I'd done a lot more with my teen years!