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19yo 6ft2, 16months of training.


poor posing!

more photos below.

been training (weight training) for just over a year, diet is average, use protein powder regularly over the last 6 months and also starting in new year have upped my cals and shakes and intensity to start bulking!

dont be mean please haha, just help me build ahah


hopefully these photos show up






Any before pics? Obviously you have strong genetics, not sure what you weight you are but you look low in bf% and everything seems to be working well. Get diet in check and engage beast mode!

Obvious weak areas are chest, traps and lower abs (possibly calves haha)

Time to bulk son!


thanks for responding.

chest has never responded too well to my training in comparison to areas like my lats. which arent trained nearly enough or as much as chest!
calves arent too bad

currently weighing around 202-204lbs
dont know my bf% etc but thats my weight

ill add a photo of me pre training ...


Not sure on time frames between but you've made a marked improvement. Chests are funny things, I train a guy with genes like yours (naturally lean and muscular) he has trouble with his chest. He was doing some real weird exercises that he had picked up from the broscientist at the gym had taught him.

I switched everything up for him and hes starting to add size. Basics like heavy flat barbell, incline, incline db press, cable cross and db pullovers. Once you have basics heavy and see changes then switch it up and try new things.

Hope the brotips helped brah


You've come a long way from that bouldering photo. Well done and keep it up!


do you think there is potential in terms of body building?


I could go all 'everyone has the potential' but I'll spare you haha.

Judging by the way your body has responded to your training and back to the whole genetics thing I'd say if you are smart about training, nutrition and read read and read some more you will go as far as your mind will take you. Even the greats started somewhere..


well then! game on, remember the name ahha J/k.


Looking solid man. TBH I expected a lot worse when I saw 6'2" haha but you're making good progress. You've got your work cut out for you as a tall man because it's harder to fill out your frame, but it looks like you're on the right track. At your height you could probably get up to 250lbs (at least) and hold the weight well. Keep it up though and just don't rush things- you look like you could be a very lean monster with some consistent hard work.


just curious, what are your lifts?

fwiw, I think you're above a 3.7


cheers man

and my lifts are
bench 132.5kg
deadlift 230kg
squat 175kg

i dont often measure my 1RM and i dont know my 1RM for over head press - ill be starting HP Mass tomorrow so hopefully ill see some gains


Keep it going ... i think you can be big if you working on it Good physic !


thanks man, ill keep going, want to grow


If this is what you look like in a year or so... wtf have I been doing... if you're completely natural that is, you're genetics are quite insane and with the right program, you could be something really special to look at some day.


thanks man, yes i am completely natural :slight_smile:



New thread :slightly_smiling: