19yo, 5'9", 215lbs, Natural. Got into Bodybuilding Not Too Long Ago

Looking swole. Will look incredible after leaning down. BBC Genetics confirmed.

What do you feel is your weakest body part? Cos I don’t see any that are discernible at this body fat.

Would you ever consider a cycle to polish off the delts and pecs?

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Great genetics, great foundation. No need to consider a cycle at 19. Still has a lot of growing he can do naturally.

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Tru but if he grew anymore he won’t be able to fit through doorways or take lifts because of weight limits. Just looking out for him. Dude needs to be able to use doors.

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I agree–tremendous potential. Must be nice.

No steroids until you’re 24 (if ever)!

Work your calves more.

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Those nice picture frames caught my eye.

Appreciate it man lol.

My weakest body part would have to be my calves. You know how black people tend to have high clave inserts, so I’ve been having to go overtime on them. They’ve been growing but it’ll definitely be a long process.

And na, I wouldn’t consider a cycle unless I got serious about bodybuilding and started competing. And that probably wouldn’t be until my mid to late 20’s.

Thanks man. And yeah, I’m trying my best to avoid steroids.

If I did ever take them it would be in my mid to late 20’s.

And thanks for the tip, will do.

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I took the liberty of helping compare your pics to 5 months ago when you were 18, 5’10" and 210. If you want these comparisons taken down, let me know, no prob.

The back pic is identical in both threads, so there’s nothing to compare.

They’re not hard to avoid. Nobody accidentally fills a syringe and sits on it. There’s zero reason for those to even be part of the discussion. You’re in a very solid spot to consider bodybuilding.

Pretty sure many natural competitors your height will be roughly as big as you are now in the offseason. For example, @Brickhead is 5’10" and won his pro card weighing 172, cutting down from I want to say 200-205ish(?)

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Right. He has far better genes than I do though. :expressionless:

Not saying that it’s hard to avoid in that way, but at my gym there’s a lot of semi successful bodybuilders who are on juice, and they’re constantly in my ear about it, saying that my genetics and hard work mixed with a little juice down the line would have me on another level.

I respect all bodybuilders natural or not, but honestly, now that I reflected on it, I really don’t like the idea of injecting chemicals in my body. So if I did compete it would most likely be at a natural level. I just gotta curve that temptation, and think about the long term.

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