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19Y/O, 6 Month Transformation

gained almost 10 kgs in the first 3 months, plateaued bigtime in gains, took me the next 3 months to lean out a bit more, gain enough strength to deadlift 105kgs, was a deficit for a month but after i did my monthly body scan check, found out I lost 2% of overall fat and gained a kg of muscle although my weight was the same, then hopped on a bulk again. honestly I want a wider back and a stronger chest rn (one of my friends that started wayy after me has a bigger back then me now ;/) but im progressing very slowly. any help is appreciated, been following christian T’s the best damn plan for natural lifters pt2. 61kgs and 173cm at the current moment.

You were probably under weight when you started. I wouldn’t try to gain that fast going forward or you will just get fat. Great progress starting out. You have a narrow waist, so if you get wider shoulders and back, it will show well.

New picture!? You have long hair?! Not a fan of this. I had a picture of how you looked in my mind and now you’re trying to screw this up :joy:

I’m married, but I seem to get a lot more looks with the long hair, which I enjoy. That is a good picture. No pump, but good in it. Don’t look like that with a shirt on lol. My back is probably my strong point. Been training it a lot.

To the op, what has worked for me for back is deadlifts, chin ups, and rows. For deadlifts I focused on strength, for the other lifts I did more volume, but focused on progression.

Idk if we can be friends anymore.

I also have a hulk hogan mustache if that helps.

Ok, I love you again now. Thank you. It’s not too dark is it?

If anything it is too light. About the same color as the hulk’s.

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