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19Y/O 160lbs Natty

Alot of pressure on me to look my best for a photoshoot, i dont have a problem with juicing, i just can afford too much food so i dont wanna go on any deca/dura, dbol or major bulking cycles.

My diet is strong-
140-155g protein per day, roughly 300g carbs, 90g fat.
Currently on a 4 week dtp, and then gonna follow mark shaws 4 day power muscleburn split.

This is the cycle i put together, though i havent decided what type of test would be best for my photoshoot.

week 1-6 :
500test once a week.

week 6-8
500test once a week
2000iu HCG once a week

week 8-12
2000iu HCG once a week

20mg tamoxifen and 2 caps liv52 from week 1 till week 11.

I dont plan on taking any steroids after this, as i cant afford it at the moment. Maybe 5 years down the line.

My main question is- Will i keep any of the gains i make on this cycle? If yes, then what % of the gains will i keep once i go off the juice. If not, will i lose the muscle i gained while i was natty as well? will i go below my starting weight?

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