19sixty RESTOMOD

EMOM’ing DLs is great fun. And challenging when you pick the weight right.

Agreed, I was light on my weight selection…so going to bump a bit

Row 8 min
Paused BP 5x135, 5x185, 3x215, 3x225, 1x235,240,245
Pendlay Row 5x135, 3x155, 3x5x175, 3x185
Seated Deadstop OHP 5x70, 3x120, 3x5x140, 1x8x140, 3x150
Deadhang pronated 60sec, supinated 30sec… times are down…from DL yesterday I could feel my hands and forearms were tired.

Tired but good day…time for some football and couch snoozing! the Mrs is at the Colts game so its me, my dogs and beer!


Ditto. I just got it done, now time to settle in.

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Incline T Mill walk 12 min
Leg ext 12x70,100,120, 10x140,9x160,7x170
Seated hammie Curl 4x10x something can’t read that stack it wasn’t much but it felt heavy!
Goblet squat 1x10xbw, 5x10xbw+50
RDL 3x17xbar


Incline t Mill walk 13 min
Seated Supinated Cable Row 10x60,70,80,80
Seated chest press 4x10x whatever can’t read it
Machine fly 10x50,60,70
Rope pulldown 3x8
Face pull to OH EXT 3x8
Deadhang 80 sec.
Shoulder dislocates 2x15

Moving right along 48 min including T Mill time


Incline T Mill walk 13 min
OH Tri Ext. 4x12
Plate loaded preacher Curl Machine 3x10x35
Tri toss out 3x12side
DB lateral 2x12 x17.5s 2x10x 20s
Dips 4x12
DB curl 2x12x25s

Im jacked!..ok, not really


You honestly expect us to believe you aren’t a Vette guy? Jezz, classic midlife crisis.
Mine was my first motorcycle.

In your defense I’ll write that my 83 going on 48 year old cousin is on his 3rd.

Counselor, I hope so…if its a mid life crisis that means I live to 126!!

A corvette guy is defined by the following: 2 each of the following

Posters or flags in the garage, hats, t shirts

At least one membership to a local Vette club and a lifetime member of teh national corvette club!


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Incline T Mill Walk 10 min

DL 2x3x135, 2x3x225, 1x275, 15x1x300 EMOM
Plate loaded squat machine 5x2pps,4pps,5pps,6pps
Walking lunges 4x8sidexbw+30s
Deadhang pronated 70sec
Deadhang supinated 30sec

Sat in my truck for a few minutes to try and feel normal…this crushed me today


I can see why.

row 6 min
Paused BP worked up to 3x5x215, 2x225, 1x230,235,240
Seated Deadstop OHP 3x5x145,1x6x145
Neutral chins 5x5 did some wide , some narrow…

This was a no energy day… After the workout yesterday did about 4 hours of digging holes and transplanting…no desire no focus today…

I did up OHP 5lbs so I’ll stay there for a few weeks and pound reps. Going to reset BP Im kinda stale there…need to take another run.



Incline T Mill Walk 8 min
DL 3x135, 2x3x225, 1x2x275, 15x1x310 EMOM
Plate Loaded Squat Machine 6x4pps, 5pps, 6pps
Leg Extension 12x70,90,110
Deadhang pronated 95sec
Deadhang supinated 2x35 sec

Its funny how on EMOM DL the 1st 5 reps you feel like you have plenty of rest time by rep 12 or 13 you are like where the hell did that minute go…I ain’t ready yet!! I will bump to 320 next week.

Spent most of the week in Cali. Had an opportunity to spend sometime with our daughter… I do miss her…it was awesome to catch up. she is in a new apartment and really happy with the place and location. She had been in West Hollywood and the area had really gone downhill in the past few years so I am happy she is in a better ( safer) spot.

Biker- new wheels are awesome!


Row 8min
Paused BP 5x215, 3x225, 2x230, 1x235,240,245
Pendlay Row 3x3x175, 3x3x180
Deadstop OHP 5x145, 2x3x155, 1x160

rainy day here, again…lowering the pool to get ready for closing…and hiding beers from wife… Its a definite couch day


Here too. It’s getting colder and fall is here for sure.

Row 8 min
RDL W/u barx25
DL 3x3x135, 2x3x225, 1x275, 15x1x320 EMOM. (beltless)
Plate loaded squat machine 6x2pps,4pps,5pps,6pps,
Deadhang pronated 105 sec.
Deadhang supinated 45 sec

reps 14 and 15 on DL were slooooow…but I’m bumping to 330… I haven’t eaten well in 2 weeks and been on travel so I think next week will be better
Deadhangs pronated was the first time over 100 sec…I’m taking this slow so I don’t push it and mess up my shoulder.



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we have WETUMN…we are now the Seattle of the East!


Incline T Mill Walk 8 min
CBP Paused worked up to 2x225, 1x230,235. 3x5x185 long pauses
Pendlay row 4x4x165 low back was a little cranky from yesterday so I backed down just a tad
Seated Deadstop OHP 2x4x150, 1x3x150,1x2x150 so I will stay there until those are 4x5
Wide neutral Chins 2x5,
Supinated chins 3x5 did these 3/4 range to sit on bicep more… who knows if that actually does anything

Did someone say there is football today? I’ll have to kick teh dogs off the couch so I can be in Front Row!


I got my yard work done yesterday, so I think I’ll join you.