19sixty RESTOMOD

I moved my log up in the training log section hoping for some inspiration but haven’t lifted anything this last week. I have been staying at home and trying to catch up on some things around the place here.

I have been doing the daily dose deadlift program but think I am just going to switch back to a 5/3/1 four day a week deal. That seems to be a no brainer for me when I am stressed out… lol Probably move my log back down here so I can find it.

Cool, still banging away that what counts, CL.

How is the daily dose gig?

Landmine Squat. 4x10xSW
SL calf raise on the stair 4x15 each side
BW rev lunge 4x10
superseded BB curl 4x12xlittle weight Bugs my shoulder just a tad.
Band resisted hammer curl 4x12 actually really like the feel of these.

figuring out body position with the landmine squat.

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The daily dose seemed meh to me. I set the 1 RM pretty low at the time and probably shot myself in the foot in the process.
5 singles at 155 didn’t seem very challenging. The program is 5 days a week and that’s not really my thang either.
I made it 33days out of a 45 day program, so I don’t have anybody to blame but myself.
I certainly ain’t knocking the program, just not a good fit for me.

5/3/1 not a bad way to go.

Kneeling landmine press 4x10x60
landmine floor press 4x8x40
OH plate hold 3x1min trying to help stabilize my shoulder
Banded tri ext 4x10side
banded tri kickback 3x7
band pull apart 3x10
Suitcase carries 5x20 sec x70lbs

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Banded Trap Bar 3x5x270 + yellow band
RDL 4x8x165
Pendlay row 4x5x165
Farmers walk 4x110 each hand x30 sec
OH 35lb plate carry 4x30sec

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Landmine kneeling press 10x60, 9x65, 8x67.5…thats the limit for my shoulder at the moment
Oh Tri Ext Banded 3x10x
Band kick back 3x8
BB Curl 3x10x60
Band curl 3x8 huge pump I almost have arms
Band Hammer curl 3x9

Thats it for today, not much ump

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Landmine Squat 4x10
compounded with 4x10 BW squat
Band pull through 4x12
compounded with 4x8 Landmine Rev Lunge
Single leg calf raise 4x8 each
compounded with double leg calf raise 4x15
done on the stairs

seated OH plate hold 3x30 secs… I like these I try to squeeze and pull out on the plate lights up my shoulder for sure

Weight Vest dog walk to follow…waiting for a break in the rain…yes, I’m a sissy

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I’m with you all the way!

That’s a solid workout right there.

PG- I trust you are well…
Crip- Tank you, Sir…just trying to stave off the wolves

Landmine Condo Complex
low to high Chop
Squat thrusters
180 Rotation
meadows row

4 rounds, 8 reps per exercise, 2.5 minutes rest between rounds, no weight on the bar

Suitcase carries 6ea sidex20secsx75lbs

The 180 rotations on the landmine torched my abs…I’ll add a pinch of weight next time.

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Landmine meadows row 4x8x40 default to what my bad shoulder can handle the eccentric is still an issue
Banded standing row 4x10x40
Kneeling push ups 10x10 can’t do a legit pushup yet but hoping by June the shoulder is ready
Banded hammer curl 3x10x50
Standing banded one arm fly 3x10x20
wrist curl 3x12xbar ( 25lb)
messed around with a waiters curl with 10lb bumper plate

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Landmine condo complex
4 rounds, 10lbs on bar, 2 min rest

DL 6 reps
Low to high Chop 5 side
SquatThruster 6
180 Rotations 5 side
Rev lunge 5 side

so pathetic, I should probably update my will

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^You read my mind.

You’re the guy who does those good deadlifts and farmer’s walks.

Biker- thank you my good man

5 rounds of
10 Pushups from knees
10 swings
10 mountain climbers

Farmers walks
6x25secx130ea hand
OH plate carry 6x45secondsx45lb plate

30 weight vest dog walk 20 minutes

Landmine sq 3x10x80
compound set BW squat 3x12

Banded pull through 3x12
superset with
Landmine Rev Lunge 3x6sidex25

Single leg calf raise 3x8sidex30lb
compound set
double leg calf 3x20
Face pull 3x10

5 rounds
10 pushups
10 swings
10 mtn climbers

CL- good idea doing them as rounds…a little Metcon is a good thing ( for me )…Since I have been working from home food/drink discipline not so good.

dog walk ( cool down) 20 min no vest

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I missed out on the circuits today, but I did get it all in. I’ll do better tomorrow.

CL- getting it in is what counts…no matter how you do it.

Landmine Complex 4 rounds 2 min rest 10lbs on bar
DL 8 reps
Low to high chop 5side
Squat Thrusters 8
180 rotations 5 side
meadows row 8 side

Followed by

The CL complex 5 rounds 90 sec rest
10 Push ups from knees
10 swings 30lbs
10 Man Climbers

If I keep this up, all I’ll need is a bikini wax and I’ll be good for the summer! Torched, but I do need to move the 180 rotations out of the complex they are the limiting weight factor so I’ll think about replacing them although they do torch my abs

Picture/video or the peanut gallery will be calling you out!

PG- do you want the before or after? !