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19lb Squat PR!!!



OK not the most damn weight but a great PR for me. I Hit a New PR on sqaut of 429 up from 410. Just because someone will care and ask for some reason, raw, no belt, wraps, hell not even shoes just a t-shirt and shorts. Oh weight of 220+

After five weeks of doing a 5 day split for the first time(that I caught some flack for and even questioned myself) http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=857961

I know it was the same height (just below parallel about and inch) because I use the same little box for all pr attempts touch and go. It wasnt perty almost lost it in the middle but was able to grunt through it.

Just after five weeks on that and this being the week of the test fest decided to just do whatever in the gym this week and felt like going for a PR today. Felt damn good.

Goping to train for a few more days beat hthe hell out of myself, then relax over the weekend + a few days and go back into tha split again I think.

Just had to share,


Congrats, Phill! That's terrific!

Hey, aren't you supposed to be busy and distracted with getting the DC Seminar organized? How dare you have the drive and focus on top of all that to keep pushing forward in the gym!


You're on your way to 450 then 500!!!!!!


Hell all the more reason Have to be in some type of shape with this group coming to town.



Thats the plan. Thanks.

I went for 435 after that one got it out of the whole but it plastered me after that just didnt have it left after that last one.

Next on the list will be retesting the DL sometime. At last check got 490 got 505 off the floor but justt could pull That Motha. Thats been a few months now. Been taking a break from pulling singles and doing lots of doubles and above on all movements.


Def hit the lower back plentywith this and the stiff deads sucker is still tight. Feels damn good though to have got that PR.


Great job, Phill!!



And be proud, the only person you gotta be better than is YOU.


Mad props to the Phill with one too many Ls!



Good work man, nice numbers!


Nice work bro!


Aren't those the best kind?

That's awesome! Congrats on the PR!!


hell yeah Phill! nice job!