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1990 At The Mall Pictures



These are great. Someone posted about 30 or more pics from some mall in the US from 1990.

The weird thing for me is that it looks like 1985. I know to many of our younger members tat may not seem like a big difference, but I do think that fashion and hairstyles change a bit slower now. I mean 2001 certainly does not look like it's the middle of then(1990) and now (2011)! Or at least I think so.

Also note that though the people may look a little goofy, not many look that fat. I saw maybe 3 I the whole set.
There are 3 or 4 pictures of people smoking in the mall too.


My 1990 hair was much longer and bigger (requiring much more hairspray) than my 1985 mullet. By 1990 I had ditched the button filled denim jacket for leather.


1991 was the year people traded in the aqua net and leather for flannel. I kinda miss "fluff" chicks though


Cool Stuff.

After checking out this link, I spent the last hour digging up Toronto vids and pics from the 80's and 90's



And thank God.



That site went down, but I think these are the same pics:


More pics here:


Haha nice. 1990 I had long flat hair and wore nothing but black heavy metal t-shirts with jeans. I was 14, 145 lbs, 6ft tall and unfortunately I haven't grown an inch since then :frowning: .


Pegged jeans. I think I just had an acid-wash-flashback.

I also liked the pic of TAPE WORLD with Freddy Mercury walking by on his day off.


Good find, Nards.

It almost feels like the photographer had a time machine and was viewing the scene with the same eyes we are now.


I was six in 1990.... you old fucks.


was 1.


What are you bitchin' about? I'm 5'4" and haven't grown since 10th grade.


i was 23 in 1990 wtf , man time goes so fukin fast wheres me time machine im goin back


Gotta love the moon-boots and belly shirts on men. I remember being 12 and thinking male earrings were the hottest, most badass thing ever. lol.


If I had a time machine I'd love to go to a mall in 1990 and go to the bookstore and then go see a movie on the big screen.
Then it'd be off to ancient Rome or go see the dinosaurs or the year 4000. But 1990 first to play it safe in case the time machine breaks and I'm stuck. 1990 wouldn't be too bad to be stuck in.


lol @ the Swayze poster.

RIP :frowning:


I went bald at the age of 24. Let's call it even lol.


I was born in 1990 you geezers


For some reason I have a hard time believing you are 33 years old.