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1988 Summer Olympics - 100m Finals

Tim and Marion have been caught. A positive test isn’t the only way to get caught.

[quote]WhiteFlash wrote:
… and blinding speed for a guy who wasnt even really built for sprinting.

That was a pretty silly statement. The guy set a record that still hasn’t been broken, so I think his build worked just fine for him.[/quote]

If I am not mistaken, Asafa Powell holds the WR in the 100m with a time of 9.77s or better. (Ben’s was 9.79 which has been matched by a couple of sprinters like Mo.

[quote]BFBullpup wrote:
If Ben Johnson was so great, why didn’t he win a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics after getting “screwed”? I don’t feel sorry for him.[/quote]

Aside from being banned, he would never have been allowed to compete.

It was an Inquisition up here, basically it was like the recent baseball scandal in the US, but focused on one person. He was held up as an example of everything wrong with sports and to this day anytime a Canadian athlete does well some commentator is making a reference to Ben and steroids. For example, Dick Pound makes the accusation that 1/3 of NHL hockey players are on performance enhancing drugs and the media clips all tie it into Ben.

I don’t feel bad for the guy as far as getting caught, that’s part of the game. But I do feel bad for the guy for what the government and media put him through.

no i don’t think it was that many of them, but a couple of the other athletes racing at least, were found to use roids at some later stage of there career.