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1988 Summer Olympics - 100m Finals


This little piece of information I received has me questioning whether it is true or not, so I decided I'll ask the T-Peeps.

I know that Ben Johnson was found to be on steroids, however, I heard that 7 of the 8 finalists in the 100m were also on steroids. Is there any truth to this? Can someone give a source where I can read about this?


All professional athletes are on steroids AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!


regardless of the fact he got cought for roids, for me, it still doesnt detract from the fact he was a great athlete. Just a silly competitor.


In Charlie Francis's book "Speed Trap" he mentions that six of them were on steroids. If you read that you'll realize how bad ben got screwed.


I'm not sure how many tested positive, but I know that Carl Lewis had a suspension overturned by the USOC. Supposedly it was just for an "herbal supplement" but I guess you never know.


I don't know if they were on steroids, but 7 of the 8 tested positive for a banned substance at some point during their career. Ben got screwed over big time.


If Ben Johnson was so great, why didn't he win a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics after getting "screwed"? I don't feel sorry for him.


I think he was banned from international competition.


Ben was amazing....600lb squat, and blinding speed for a guy who wasnt even really built for sprinting.

Ben is a big inspiration for training over genetics, steroids or not.

Besides, Ive read that the amount/time he was on AAS was quite irrelevant.


.... and blinding speed for a guy who wasnt even really built for sprinting.

That was a pretty silly statement. The guy set a record that still hasn't been broken, so I think his build worked just fine for him.


At that point he was 31 and past his prime. He was still an elite sprinter, just not quite as good and obviously he didn't have the edge of the steroids. Carl Lewis is a rare exception in how long he lasted.


unrelated to the actual status of his cheating - but ben was training someone at my old gym (about a year and a half ago) - in skintight jeans and cowboy boots. when people started noticing who he was (you could hear the buzz starting) he left rather quickly. too bad - i would have loved to have watched him for a bit. guy's forgotten more about training that i'll ever know.


If you knew anything about competitive sprinting, or if you even competed in sprinting events, you would understand my statement a little better.

Ben was NOT built for sprinting. He had a short stride, short legs and was quite stocky for a sprinter during his time. The fact that he eventually became the fastest man in the entire world only attests to his dedicated training. The man squatted 600 lbs at what, 170ish?


Short stride? I dunno about that...


video here:

hope this works. I remember reading the Charlie Francis article on this race. You can see clearly with the clock at 9.6 and still about 2 yards from the finish line Johnson has a hand up declaring victory. Say what you will but the mofo was fast.


Whomever you heard that from is full of shit. Nobody could possibly know whether any of the finalists other than Ben and D. Williams were on drugs. Most people (the Charlie Francis lemmings) who insisit that all the other finalists were on drugs are simply trying to rationalize Ben's disqualification.

Carl Lewis got popped for a cold medicine positive that was determined to be due to inadvertant use. Pseudoephedrine has since been removed from the banned substance list. Of course, the "all sprinters are on drugs" idiots still eat this up.

I'll leave you with this: if all sprinters are on drugs, then why are only Charlie Francis' athletes (from Ben and Desai in 1988 to Tim and Marion in 2003) getting caught?


Tim and Marion only started training with Charlie later in their sprinting career and as soon as they did, they were hounded by the ada which would have made it near impossible to take illegal substances which showed in the dropoff of their performances. Others who are only tested before meets still have the chance to use. Im not saying they all do. Ben Johnson was screwed in my opinion as he was using but not a significant amount and he supposedly tested positive with extremely high amounts of stanzanol and then the same a month later which meant he would have to have been using in the weeks up to the second test which just seems stupid.


How do you know what Ben was really using? Don't believe everything you read in SPEED TRAP. If he got busted for huge amounts of stanozolol, then he was probably on huge amounts of stanozolol.


Tim and Marion were never caught. They were simply accused by someone and assumed guilty without any evidence that would convict them in a court in the good ol' USA


Yeah, I thought they hadnt been caught, Im not really up on current events in sprinting. About the huge amounts of stanzalol, I dont know what the truth is but it has been said his test results were so high he would have had to have taken it just a couple of hours before the test each time.