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1982 Tron Holiday Special


A buddy of mine dug this up.


Thanks…that was great!

I liked Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise on the light cycles!

If you’ve ever had the chance to see the old Star Wars Holiday specials they did back in the late 70’s/early 80’s with Bea Arthur,… truly horrible, horrible stuff -lol.



On a related note, I could see Bea Arthur as a wookie.

OMG Carrie Fisher singing?! -lol. Damn George Lucas is a whore.

Anyone remember the TV broadcast of ‘The Battle for Endor’?!


[quote]The Mighty Stu wrote:
OMG Carrie Fisher singing?! -lol. Damn George Lucas is a whore.[/quote]

“George Lucas” is the term for “whore” in 7 languages…

^^ ha! True.
The Star Wars Holiday Special is one of those things where people who haven’t seen it say that the really want to, then you tell them it sucks really bad, but they say no way, it’llbe awesome, then you try to get them to be a little objective and at least understand that though they may really want to see it, they WILL say it sucks too but they still think it’ll be great. But that still say no way…anytng with Harrison Ford and the rest in it and being made in the 70s is going to be great!

They then change their mind and say what i said to them the first time to the nexy poor geek.

Though the cartoon that introduces Boba Fett is decent.

I faintly recall owning the Tron Book and EP (?) when back in Australia in the 80s. I had the Empire Strikes Back Book and Cassette tape too - R2D2 made a sound when you had to change the page. Brings back memories haha.

I used to eat Shreddies every morining in the 80s and they had Tron toys. I guess Ishould google those, and dust off some more brain cells.