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1975 Nautilus Circuit

I am loving my Nautilu Circuit in your book converted to Barbells and dumbbells at my apartment Home training. Its fun and flows. I have a log in Training logs. The workout takes 25 minutes or a bit under. If you count flyes done to failure and swtiching wrists to presses as one exercise, and crunch immediately follwed by leg raise as one exercise, and lying ext switched to very light close bench as one exercise, I have 13 exercises. I do have to say I kind of prefer your white (2004) book, because it has more progression workouts with variety. But I had it a long time, so trying some in the The New Bodybuilding (just got it). I hope I stick with this one quite a while and just substitute some exercises. The ONLY thing im concerned about with doing just 1 set, is the possibility of getting injured without a warm up set. But I suppose if I am consistant at 2-3 days a week, and move up just 1-2 reps per exercise at a time for 8-15 reps it should be ok. I LOVE the philosophy you, Mentzer, and maybe Jones stated that the first few reps of the set serve as a warm up. i love that… I have never been injired knock on wood, im 53 and lifted since 12. My knees do not like to squat though. so I just do Leg ext, Leg Curl, and deadlifts and no pain.

Looks like you are all set. Stay focused and be consistent.

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Thanks for this post. It inspired me to have a look at that 1975 routine again. I’m not completely sure how to adapt this to free weights/limited machines but here is my attempt below. I intend to try this tomorrow:

Hyperextension immediately followed by leg curl
Leg extension immediately followed by barbell hack squat
Lateral raise immediately followed by overhead press
Bent arm pullover immediately followed by chin-up
Dumbbell fly immediately followed by dip
Barbell curl immediately followed by triceps extension

Feedback and suggestions welcome.

Your routine looks pretty much on-target. But it may involve too many exercises. You might try to alternate your first two listings. Then, you’d have 10 exercises rather than 12.