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195LB 23 Years Old Bulking


hey guys

thought id get some oppinions on lagging parts i have a thread going in the bodybuilding section which ill link has details on my trainng

i honestly havent check my 1rm but some of my lifts are
DB Incline Press - 95LB Each Hand 10 Reps
Squat 270Lbx8
Deadlift 255Lbx8
45 Leg Press - 550Lbx8
Military Press - 140Lbx8

Chest n Legs dont show too well in this light but chest has got great seperation and legs are starting to get some quad seperation




Lmao 2.5 seriously there are way worse physiques on here lmao but it's cool we'll see in November this year 20lb's heavier n under 8% lol


Have you been benching and such significantly longer than you have been squatting? If not, you should rethink your routine, imo. Maybe hit legs more than once a week, for starters.


Did you want a rating of your lifts or your physique? Both are pretty mediocre for your weight. You're bulking right? So why did you think you'd get a great rating?


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so in 8 months you will be 215 at 8%? I wont hold my breath.

BTW you are not 8% here...certainly not with those child-bearing hips


Lol and there are way better physiques too. I agree that 2.5 is a bit low, but you've got plenty of work to do still. Add 20lbs and lose the 5+ points of BF you need to hit 8% and you will be significantly more impressive though. Keep at it, good luck.


Are people really posting to feel good about the rating? I always thought people posted for criticism, damn I was wrong


yaaa.. def not 8%, more like 13-15%


He said 8% is where he'll be at in November, to be fair.


Lol I know I'm around 13% never said I was 8 that's my goal!! Anyway I appreciate the criticism truely do my legs have exploded since these pictures..they are actually quickly growing..I agree about the comment about my arms they just don't seem to look of any size because of their length..looking at my chest does it look like my lower chest is lagging..when I look at my pics my upper chest looks quite wide but my lower chest seems to lack the thickness! How can I develop this thickness in the lower chest..I'm currently doing, db incline, db flat, db incle fly, low cables and dips but emphasis is on triceps more so...also seem like I'm struggling to develop my traps :confused:

Your right my frame isn't best suited for bodybuilding!!! My hips are very wide but I won't let that stop me..I believe my frame should be able to hold 240lb's one day at single digit bf to look more in proportion

Advice on the chest or in general would be great I was messing around bout the rating lol


I just had to stop lurking and make an account, that made me laugh so hard.


Lats, Legs, and Arms all need work. Your pressing muscles are ahead, slightly. Just cuz you train for aesthetics doesnt mean you can skip the back work. Get your deadlift up and pound on rows.




If you bulk you will be even more fat.




You need pics of a very average lift? And how do you take a picture of 8 reps?


If I need to explain the joke then it wasn't funny.

And I thought the "P" was "proof"


^i'll explain! Those lifts are TOOO GOOOD to be true.

OP is obviously juiced/cycling :wink: