1911: What Brand of Boom-Boom?

They are the number one pistol used by competitors in the Tactical Athlete Games. Very expensive.

From personal experience : you pay that kind of money for one and then your next step is to a gunsmith for reworking. I am sure other shooters have no issues, but, I will never buy one again.

Something you need to consider in choosing an everyday carry gun. I would never carry a super customized pistol for self defense. If you survive the encounter, you will definitely be sued in civil court. You weapon will be impounded during the investigation and the defense will have access to the weapon for trial. If you gun is modified on the “outside” the attorney will scream that you had every intention of killing someone with your “special “weapon”. Question: Did you make all these modifications just to make it easier for you to kill someone?

Better sights and smoother trigger are the only changes I make on carry guns. Take it for what you think it is worth, but, I have been sued three times for shootings (LEO) and have learned from hard experience.


Very helpful. Yeah, I can’t see dropping $1000+ on a firearm that immediately needs smithing just to function properly.

Very true. I think it was Massad Ayoob who first talked about this, how a lawyer will even use the name of your gun against you. Better, he said, to have a “model 36” instead of a “Cobra” because they’ll use that name to scare a jury if your self-defense case goes to trial.

I also see a lot of custom 1911s with Punisher logos on the grips. Cool, but not smart. You’re literally putting a vigilante logo on your firearm.

Staccator, Colt, or Wilson.

I have carried a Glock more than any other weapon.

I have found myself carrying a Sig 365 XL here lately though - especially in warmer months. It is a smaller and sleeker gun.


Thought you and your better half might be interested in this. The second round of competition is today.


Amazing form of competition. Strongman implements and firearms. Wow.



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