1911: What Brand of Boom-Boom?

What manufacturer would you go with if you were in the market for a 1911?

Staccato. They look cool. Almost bought one a couple of years ago, but I believe in having a pair and a spare, and piles and piles of mags, and Staccato is priced out of reach for me.

Any 1911 I buy will be in metric: 9 or 10.

SVI or bust :crazy_face:

For a everyday working 1911, you have it listed: Springfield. I own an officers model and it has performed well over the last two years. It money was no object, Staccato.

Wow, I’d never heard of Staccato before this. Will look into them.

I wanna put in my love for the Rock Island

I bought one about a decade ago, because I feel like every red blooded American male should have a 1911. It was $400. It will fire any ammo without issue. It’s basic, brutal, and reliable. About the only issue is the grips are slippery, so I replaced them with some rubberized ones. But for a reliable, basic, lovable 1911, it’s such a great piece.

The C2 and P are the way to go for Staccato. For the price of the XC you’re now into the realm of what’s available from Fowler, Wilson, and Alchemy double stacks. I wouldn’t complain about any of the above landing in my safe at some point in my lifetime.

A friend of mine has a Tisas that runs like a champ. He paid just under $500 late last year, which feels like a steal considering the turn the market has taken since 2020. It almost feels wrong to check the 1911 box with one not made in America, but when something works, it works.

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The Kimber looks nice, but John Wick says they jam and require a press check. :wink:


Ok, I had google those!

There’s probably no way I’d carry a double stack (2011) gun for personal protection. But if I did it would be a hand built gun by companies like SVI or cheely or akia etc. and even then they’d have thousands of rounds down range with my chosen carry ammo before I ever carried it.

I’d never carry a 1911 anyways so it’s all mental masturbation lol

See, at least with Armscor being from the Philippines, you can claim “former US territory”, haha.

Although given the history of the .45 acp in that region…it’s rather interesting.

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The Staccato C is very appealing. 9mm single stack, should conceal well, uses common 9mm 1911 mags, like the ones made by Wilson Combat. Comes red dot ready.

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No way in hell I’d carry that for self defense. Cool gun though!

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What do you think of a Glock for carry? Kinda bulky and def not pretty. I seem to be a dead eye every time I shoot one though. Seems reliable. Maybe one of the smaller versions?

A Glock makes a fantastic carry gun. It’s not fashionable or fancy by any means, but a great gun, especially if it fits you well and you feel comfortable with it and are proficient.

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Why is that?

Glock makes several models, including the slim and compact model 43, which is my current carry gun. Single stack 9mm.

I ordered a “red” magazine extension. And it came pink. So pink it is! I like the dichotomy.

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The farther away from the original 1911 you get the more reliability drops. Two of THE biggest reliability issues with 1911’s is barrel length and caliber change. You’ve got both with that gun. I’m not saying it couldn’t be a great carry gun. But if it were mine it would go to an extremely competent smith to be looked over, and then it would have at minimum 1,500 rounds of my actual carry ammo sent down range and a couple of classes taken with it (real ones, not the stand and shoot indoor nra shit).

At that point you’ve spent THOUSANDS so you can have grown men drool over your toy, and to me that’s ridiculous (for a carry gun). Don’t get me wrong. I’ve most definitely owned hand built $6,000 guns built off that platform, but I’d never ever ever carry it lol

Edit: I change my mind. Even then after doing what I said I still wouldn’t carry it.

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I have read that the commander sized single stack 9mms, not just the staccato’s, but the Dan Wesson’s and even the Colts are generally as realiable as any 1911. Where the 2011s seem to run into a problem is the double stack magazine.

I would never carry a firearm that I haven’t run hundreds of trouble free rounds through. Classes are definitely a good idea. Carrying any gun for other men to drool over is something I find incomprehensible.

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