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190lbs Bench Press PR! RAW FEMALE


Hey ladies!

Just wanted to share a new bench press PR of mine. Anyone out here planning on competing this november in Burlington, VT or at the Tampa, Florida RAW UNITY meet in January 2010?

More videos here:




damn!!! u made that look like pie. way to go. that's an AMAZING bench. bravo!!!


No way. I saw the headline and thought of you and then sure enough...





... color me jealous! you go lady :slight_smile:


hahah, Brayton!


Lookin good Ginger kid


that's how it's done. killer lift.


I just checked out your other thread - Sounds like a pull-up showdown is in order!


By the way, when's your next comp?


I am so jealous!!! Good job.


Ginger, that was awesome! Thanks for sharing that.


Thats what I wanna do!!! Way to go!!