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190, 5'7 - Hope I Don't Get Ripped


Hope I will not get ripped to shit for posting these.

Dead lift 405x3

Bench Dumb bell 105x4

Front squat 235x3








one more


one more


last one

Diet= Try to get 4,000 calories, Usually get 3500. A lot of tuna and chicken cheese most anything with a lot of protein, Metabolic Drive, and a lot of whole milk. I take 2000 IU of vitamin D a day. Hit the gym 5 times a week I packed on 20lbs of mass in 3months of intense training. I am looking for some weak areas anybody might see.

I am natural, never touched the juice. 20 years old. Have been in and out of gyms for 4 years. Started going to the gym when I was 16 and I was about 135lbs.


almost forgot my legs.


Hopefully no one will rip you for just posting what you have worked hard on, but constructive criticism can drive you to work harder. In saying that, the side chest/bicep pose is the most unflattering for you. You also need to learn to pose for your back. You are not showing your lats at all. The good point is that at least you have been able to put on some muscle and your numbers aren't terrible though at 5'7" and 190 I would expect more strength. How long have you been lifting?

My other question is what are you working towards or what are your goals. Just by looking I would say you have been bulking and now you could try to shed some body fat. You may have previously been 150lbs and have put on a lot of muscle. I would like to see a picture of you before the 20lbs you have put on. Just because you put on 20lbs doesn't mean most of it is muscle. I have put on weight before by setting my calories too high in the beginning and most of the weight was fat.

You may now consider throwing in some light cardio and changing the diet some. I believe in eating enough calories but trying to make them the best calories possible. Maybe some skim milk and whole wheat bread. Hopefully your numbers have gone up a decent amount in the last three months and now you can use that to put on some more mass. Good luck and keep working hard.


Well obviously you're carrying a lot of bodyfat, which makes it harder to tell what's underneath. Your biceps are the only thing that really look developed to me. Are you flexing your legs? I think that you could probably stand to lose thirty pounds, and 5'7 160, or somewhere around there, really isn't that impressive.

I've beaten the dead horse so many times about lifts that I just don't find believable based on personal experience, so I'll just say congratulations on being as strong or slightly stronger than me without really looking like it.


No back, no chest.

I would say work on that.


I dont think anybody thought you did.

Keep lifting and take to heart what was said about your diet. Skim milk is a cheap easy way to get solid calories without as much fat etc. Same with whole wheat bread, good calories without as much crap.

For God's sake, learn to pose correctly.


if you dont find his lifts believable based on your own personal experience, thats because you are weak. the lifts OP listed arent impressive (sorry guy, no offense), so if theyre stronger than yours, youre just weak.


Are you sure you're 5'7" at 190? You don't seem to be carrying a TON of bodyfat, but at that height I'd expect something different. Side shot would be nice


Lolz that's actually totally ok by me. I feel bad for all the people here that are doing "deep squats" with 4 plates a side and deadlifting six hundred pounds, and still have average looking physiques and small legs. I don't have to come anywhere close to those numbers to make my legs grow, I guess I've got it easy.


dont confuse the issue- if little baby weights make your muscles grow, so be it. but being weak doesnt mean you need to doubt others' numbers. its actually pretty funny that you comment that based on "your experience" his numbers arent believable, as he is then stronger than you, then you comment that you "dont have to" use heavy weights, as if youre choosing to be weak. think about it- its funny.


Yeah, definitely. You look like you're about 16-17% body fat and going on a fatloss diet and training program will do wonders for your physique.

Also, although this is mainly a physique thread, not a performance thread, I would still like to point out that your front squat is lagging compared to your deadlift. Work on that and watch your quads grow.


x2. May I add that your two leg poses are mighty disturbing.


hahaha I think YOU are funny, but that's it.