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19 Yrs Old, Prescribed TRT. Want to Try Increasing Natural Test Instead

So my story goes like this,
I was having MAINLY erection issues. From 15 years old to the present day. At 18, I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go do a testosterone blood test.
My levels came 374 ng/dl (13 nmol/L). I was a bit shocked that my T levels were this low since I was still 18 at the time (19 atm). Yes, you can argue that it is within range, but it is in the very low end and don’t forget at my age it should be at the highest.
I decided to go to an endocrinologist. He ordered that I’d take another testosterone test along with FSH and LH levels. The results came as follows, Testosterone 328.53ng/dl, FSH 4.2mIU/ML and LH 4.9mIU/ML.
After this, he ordered a full pituitary analysis and blood test. The following are the results

I was prescribed TRT using Nebido (Testosterone undecanoate), 1g/4ml. 1g shot, 2nd dose 6 weeks after, then every 3 months. (Now I know that this protocol is shit due to the low frequency of shots). I was ordered to take another blood test, this time at around the 2 month mark after my 3rd Nebido Shot.

The following are the results

Throughout all this time of taking Nebido, I can’t say I felt much of a difference at all. Both good and bad. Maybe I started getting like 1 morning wood every 2/3 weeks, but nothing much more. Note that I take my sleep schedule seriously (7+ hrs a night), eat the right way, exercise regularly, etc… I took these into consideration way before going to the endocrinologist. I also had tried NoFap, managed to get 94 days, and did a long time without porn, if that matters. I just tried everything.

I got sick of things not working, and the endocrinologist always telling me to give it more time. I bought some testosterone enanthate/cypionate from a local gym and started taking 500mg/week for about 4 weeks, along with like dbol for 2 weeks or so. I know this was the wrong move but I was just depressed that nothing was working. After the 4 weeks, I came to my senses that 500mg wasnt right, and started taking a TRT dose of black market testosterone, 170mg/week, split in 2 doses. I also started taking 2.5mg daily dose of cialis and ever since I started this I have been getting morning erections maybe 3/4 times a week, and even when Im with a girl (if im not stressed about this shit, because it has evolved into some sort of performance anxiety). I have been taking this dose of 170mg/week of test for about 3 weeks now and cialis for about a month.

Now for the main question. I am 19, my life infront of me (hopefully), prescribed TRT by a professional (not just decided on my own). I don’t feel right about this and haven’t come across many other teens with the need of TRT.
I was thinking about trying to get my natural testosterone up, not supplement exogenous testosterone. I have read that a cycle of HcG, Clomid and Nolvadex should do trick, however I don’t know if this will work in my case. Will it take me back to my low natural testosterone (370ng/dl), or boost my testosterone enough to at least be in the middle range (around 500ng/dl), or am I screwed and need to take TRT for sure? As I said, my first ever shot of exogenous testosterone was on the 11th of January 2019, so that makes it a year of exogenous testosterone. This issue has been causing depression along with other problems in my life and I wish to get it fixed.

So I’d love to hear your honest advice on this. Thanks for reading.

Also if it matters, Im 6’2, 92kg/200lb at around 14% body fat. Not bad for my age in terms of muscle development. Had squatted 180kg(405lb) (PL standards), Pause Benched 110kg (245lb) and Deadlifted 212.5kg (468lb). All in a PL meet, before touching any TRT. Was kinda fat at the time (20-23% bf) but yeh, strength and muscle development wasnt bad. Facial Hair is normal, not too much and not nothing, normal for my age.

Other than the erection problems did you have any other symptoms?
What’s your free t level?

It sounds like you were putting on descent muscle and had good energy, If all you had was ED issues, I’d look into daily cialis. It’s gotten a lot cheaper with a goodrx coupon.

I’d also try to bump up your sleep by an hour.

Just thinking out loud.

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I said 7+ hours to be on the safe side. I was getting like 8 hours most of the time for sure. The testosterone blood levels were low as shown in the pictures I posted. Yeh man its tricky because either its psychological, but if it is psychological, then why dont I have morning wood? I guess daily cialis would be the safe side out. Do you have any clue if cialis is dependent? As in if I choose to come off after a year, will it be impossible to perform without it?

Also, not directed at you wolf359, but the main question was about the HcG, clomid and Nolva cycle to get my test back up. Anyone that has knowledge in this field that can help? I’d truly appreciate it. This issue has been having a big toll on my head, especially me being an overthinker.

Your protocol is aggressive, but no labs posted to see where you were on the 85mg twice weekly which is unusually high and don’t see doses this high around the forums. Your testicles are part of the problem, there just not very responsive to LH stimulation, I don’t think you’ll ever get optimal testosterone levels naturally and is precisely why you never did.

I would also expect higher LH in a young man, it comes down to environment and genes.

My understanding is that while hcg, clomid, et. al. work to boost test levels, assuming your boys work, I suspect you’ll do better taking them than not at least as measured by test level. If you stop them, your test levels tend to drop back down to previous levels.

I see no reason that you couldn’t stop trt if you wanted to, nebido sucks in that it’s got such a long tail. Stopping trt and go hcg or clomid mono therapy for a few months then stopping that if you want try natural again.

I think it’s worth while to give them a try though, if nothing else it will answer your questions about what if I’d only tried this when I was younger.

Something else google “Gene Devine NO stack”. It’s a sticky over on excelmale.com forum. He’s adding in some stuff to his cialis to help it work better. I think he takes 5mg cialis twice a day though. Getting erections working when you want them will help a lot towards your frustrations.

Was that more to your question?

Over thinking is an issue you see a lot of here. A common mantra you’ll hear is “take your shot, live your life”, but that can be difficult.

I also understand that it’s frustrating I’m still stuggling with ED after a year+ of trt, but I have a couple of other health issues fighting me on that.
100mg viagra sometimes doesn’t do it 150 hasn’t failed me though :slight_smile: , it does kill the flow of the moment a bit. ED issues can take the longest to resolve.

Yeh I guess I’ll wait on some other replies regardin starting HcG, clomid etc… since it’s a big deal if I get it wrong. Im very prone to depression and having that stack fail will lead to rock bottom testosterone (since my test production is most likely 0 after a year of exogenous testosterone). I looked at Gene Devine’s NO stack and that seems like there’s no way it wouldn’t work. I guess I’ll keep it in my mind as a last resort since the bill for that stack is probably and overkill.

Ye man overthinking is a BIG issue. I’ve read countless mantras and meditation techniques but I guess if you’re an overthinker by nature, nothing will reverse that. ED issues are a big toll dude, at any age and especially when you’re still young like me and women play a big role in the development of the male’s mind.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.

I’m taking a “high” trt dose because Im using black market testosterone from bodybuilders, and i bet that that shit is never as much as it says.

So basically no point in trying to get my natural test running? Id have low T either way?

The price for cialis (generic) dropped recently.
With a Goodrx coupon (app on phone) I can get 90 20mg cialis for @ $79 at Walmart. Divide into quarters and take 5mg twice a day and you get 6 months out of that. That might be cheaper than buying from India.

I got a $1600 discount through goodrx for the 90 100mg viagra I got recently; cialis hadn’t dropped yet. I’ll switch for 6 months next time I refill and see how it goes.

Anyway, it’s pretty reasonable.

You can pare the stack down a bit just add the L-citrine & L-arginine at first. Theyre, pretty cheap.
Add other stuff later if needed.

Just food for thought.

I was on benzo’s for 30 years and had great testosterone up until 47 years of age and the withdraw was hell on my body and my HPTA never fully recovered, you on the other hand never had good testosterone because something is wrong.

I would test IGF-1 because if growth hormone is deficient all the testosterone in the world will do nothing. You need a doctor to dig deep into why your testosterone never increased to where it should be at your age.

Put a hold on TRT and investigate why testosterone is low.

Ever had any injury to your testicles? Relevant infection such as Mumps during childhood?

LH is relatively high for the T level your having.

MRI of pituitary done? Prolactin is relatively high, but can also be just a random finding.

Step 1 would be stopping the black market stuff. About 50% isnt what its supposed to be, either identity wise or dose wise.

If you didnt feel any different on Nebido its most likely not T related. If you had 370 2 months after a Nebido shot than you had 700 to 1000 2 weeks after the shot, if this didnt make a significant difference in your symptoms than its not T.

Nebido is hard to come off because of the long PK. It will surpress the HPTA for a long time before your pituitary restarts to secrete LH. Talk to your physician about the option of hCG treatment for 2 to 3 months. Evaluate and then eventually come off.

Nebido doesn’t work for everyone, it gets dogged by a lot of the leading doctors including Mark Gordon who treats TBI patients with testosterone. Some guys feels good on it and other feel nothing, then move on to cypionate and bamb everything works.

Not everyone is going to feel good with flat hormone profiles. It just takes too long for some to reach homeostasis on Nebido.

GH levels are within range as it can be seen in the images of the two different blood tests that I uploaded.

Yeh I did do an MRI of the pituitary, forgot to mention it. It showed that my pituitary is normal.
That s the problem, I live in Malta and I went to the most qualified endocrinologist there is and he had dismissed the idea of running HCG. I guess we re still not knowledgable enough on the HRT subject.

Regarding any testicular injury, no I can’t recall anything.

You know you’re not the first guy to have low testosterone right out of the gate, sometimes we just inherit some bad genes, guys with muscles, guys with high testosterone and little muscle potential. I was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and ADHD, so I’m not perfect either.

I honestly don’t think you’ll ever achieve high testosterone naturally because how things were in the beginning.

Yep with the situation as it is, that’s what Im thinking as well. Didnt come here for a happy answer, but for the truth. I guess thats how it is then

After coming off that medicine, my LH was 3.6 and testosterone 91 ng/dL, same situation. I couldn’t get the needle to move at all. My testicles just aren’t responding well.

What struck me the most is that when I took the cialis, after a week I already started seeing slight improvements. Maybe not like best scenarios, but improvements nonetheless. I’m guessing this means that either my body had a problem related with Nitric Oxide or something of the sort. Wish I had tried Cialis before hopping on TRT, or even worse, the underground testosterone that I have been using.