19 Yrs Old, 220lbs

Hey guys.
I would like some constructive criticism. Ive been training 4 years, but only 2 years seriously. My current stats are:
14-16% bodyfat??
19 years old

Squat 440
Bench 308
Deadlift 440

My strength levels are okay, but what I really want to do is get into single digit bodyfat. I did a keto diet for 3 weeks and lost about 6 pounds but had to stop because of life constraints.

I am a long time reader but havent posted a lot. Please help me and if you can guide me into me quest to get single digit bodyfat.

Kind regards








I don’t want to sound harsh but,


2 years training in the next thread down. You look pretty average even by none lifting standards, you need to work harder in the gym. Maybe some of the more experienced lifters can give some good advice.

Thanks for the reply. I dont think its training as much, but my diet is a big let down. I dont have a meal plan. Thats the big problem! Thats why I came on here for great advice from people in the know. But I also think if I lose fat I will look much better. Forgot to mention Im 6’1 but thats kinda irrelevant! I need to reanalyze my whole bodybuilding approach!

This forum can be quite pissy, if I were you you should post in the beginners forum and ask for advice there. Diet is usually the problem, go into the beginners forum and list your diet honestly and get a critique, be sincere and you will get good advice. Good luck

Thanks man. Will do

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Impressive hamstrings!


Ill second that!

Decent lifts for your age too. Your further along than i was at 19 thats for sure. Pretty much everywhere needs more size because of your height especially (im 6 1 as well so can relate). Took me quite a while to get any real density going but happy to say, i eventually did. Just dont let the bodyfat get out of control in the process.

So what im saying is keep up the good work :).

Sorry, just saw your mentioned wanting to bring your body fat down. Im sure someone will help ya out.


How have you been lifting for the past 2 years?

Well you are probably more than 14% bf but thats besides the point…strength numbers are good for your age but you definitely need to get your diet under control. For most people (and this includes you) your diet will be extremely important and will need to be dialed in. Can we see what your diet looks like? And please don’t list a day where you ate clean all day…just be honest so we can help.

Thank you for the constructive criticism!
As far as lifting goes-
When I got serious I started doing a more powerlifting orientated routine. Wendler 531 worked really well in increasing my core lifts and added a bit of size as well. Also did 5x5 routines, max ot. Lots of strength orientated programs. Last year I started doing more isolation work and focussed more on working the muscle not the weight and doing reps nice and controlled. Got good size gains from that! This year started off well, and Im combining strength/hypertrophy! Focussing on the core lifts, squat, bench and deadlift (not deadlifting every week though). Current split is-
Hams and calves
Chest and bis
Quads and calves
Delts and tris
Core lifts mostly lower reps and accessory work higher reps. But I go mostly on instinct. If I feel a bit tired I go lighter on that day.

Nutrition wise, I dont really have a meal plan, I eat mostly what I like. (Thats the problem). I posted in the beginner forum for nutrition advice and will look there aswell and soak up everything I can find.

I mostly eat
Ground beef
I also have a sweet tooth, major problem!

I have also come up with a diet to help me on my journey, please critique-
1- 50g oats, 1 banana, 6 eggs
2- 40g whey, 1 banana
3- 250g ground beef, 150g broccoli, 1 tbsp evoo
4- 2 cans tuna, 150g broccoli, 1 tbsp evoo
5- 250g ground beef, 150g broccoli, 1 tbsp evoo
6- 50g peanut butter

Fitday said its about 2800 cals, 260g protein, 135g carbs and 130g fat? Dont know how accurate that is!