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19 Yrs Old, 2.5 Years Training


hey everyone, well im currently trying to bulk for my first competition in Nov. WHat are your thoughts? Thank you. Please tell me what you trully think would be good to improve.

p.s. im trying to add more pics but I still haven’t figured out this thing

I didn’t know how to attech more pics so here they go

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given that u can only see like 10% of ur body in that photo… dont u think u would need to show more pics in order for ppl to judge?

ur arm looks good… can’t really comment on the rest

side chest bw

side leg

Pretty solid.

Keep it up.

As far as competing in Nov, I think you might be rushing it.

Solid upperbody but it doesnt even look like you train your legs. There is very little size in your hamstrings. What do your workouts look like? Don’t compete for a while.Your rating says it all. If you can’t break a 6 here why would you want to compete in a bodybuilding show? Put on more size (dieted down you would be around 160 or lower at 5’11) and then think about a contest in a few years. At your height I would aim for an on stage weight of about 180-185

Hey thanks everyone, I really appreciate the critics. Well the competition is a teenage division, cause that’s what I am. The competition didn’t look too bad last year that’s why I am interested in competing, even if it’s to gain experience. I do train legs, I agree the hamstrings aren’t at their best but I do train them. My current workout looks the following:

Monday: back, tricepts
Tuesday: Legs, abs
Thursday: Chest, Bi’s
Friday: Delts, forearms, traps

I wouldn’t say it doesn’t look like you train your legs, just maybe not on par with your upper body development, which is very impressive for your age, I think you deserve a higher rating then what you so far have been given.

you look pretty solid, but you would look like a beast if you gained 20 more lbs. keep doing what your doing, bring up those hamstrings like everyone said, and eat like a horse.

Hehe, thank ppl For sure I will keep on working everything. Im still going to compete on this show in Nov, like I said it’s a good way to gain experience.