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19 Yr Old, 535/355/655, 5’10” 195 Lbs. Test-E 250mg Weekly Cycle

There are quite a few variables to this question. Firstly, when I was young (and very short, still very short), I wanted to be put on HGH, which led to me extensively researching HGH (never got it but stalled out at five ft four). I have followed the bodybuilding community since I was very young (say age 11), therefore I was always aware of steroid use and the unfair stigmatism against them. My mother is/was a doctor, and I am very interested in medicine, therefore I know quite a bit about most types of medicine. When I had chronic pain and was literally bed ridden for a while, I experienced significant muscle atrophy (and fat gain) and I did extensive research to see if anabolic steroids could help improve my physical function and quality of life, I didn’t end up taking anything but I learnt quite a bit about anabolic steroids. Lots of info about anabolic steroids is anecdotal; found in forums from bodybuilder/weightlifters personal experiences, this is because medical literature doesn’t extensively cover anabolic steroids or the side effects of supraphysiologic doses. (think tren, you’d be very hard pressed to find any medical info of it and humans, I couldn’t even find any studies of therapeutically administered parabolan (tren hex) in humans). At around my late fifteenth year alive I acquired hypogonadism. Me, knowing how shit TRT is in Aus. due to all the complaints made by bodybuilders made me extensively research the topic even more, I also was curious to see if anabolic steroids had any impact on easing joint pain #nandrolone. Much of my pain seems to have been caused by me taking (prescription) arimidex at 1mg daily for about 2-2.5 years to stop the closure of my growth plates from ages 13-16. My joints never fully recovered, after going off arimidex, my pre arimidex testosterone levels were up in the 1000’s (precocious puberty), then they dropped gradually down to 400, then down to the mid 200’s. I had low T for about a year before I was put on TRT. However due to the fact I am in Aus., my protocol sucks ass (250mg every 3 weeks). Finally, I get bored a lot of the time and have nothing to do, so sometimes I just research stuff that interests me and I happen to find the concept of anabolic steroids interesting. (I have never taken gear aside from testosterone, I would try nandrolone at a very low dose out of curiosity to see if It really does lessen joint pain as it seems it does however I am deathly afraid of left ventricular remodelling or hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, I am young, I haven’t seen enough in life, I am not ok with the idea of suddenly dropping dead yet.)


That’s actually like a “cool story bro” lol.

It’s too bad there’s not much research on higher rows of gear I guess cos like the ethics of juicing cunts up for a study lol. That’s just a bit of test nevermind like tren

How likely is it that one actually develops something like “left ventricular remodelling” or “hypertrophic cardiomyopathy” from steroid usage? It seems like it would be the equivalent of developing cirrhosis from alcohol - only something feasible after decades of abuse (or predisposition). And even then, I would imagine that someone who intentionally abuses it that drastically would probably know it’s coming.

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Exactly, the chances of developing these conditions become more likely as dosages increase, however when it comes to sane, responsible cycling (say 500mg test PW), the chances of developing these conditions are unknown. What I do know, is there is a small study with bodybuilders who had done 3 or more cycles in the past use (with the majority seemingly novices to steroid use) and the results came back stating (These results suggest that anabolic steroid use was not associated with left ventricular hypertrophy or clinically detectable systolic and diastolic dysfunction in a small sample of weight lifters who were using these drugs). However, long term abuse at high doses seems to compromise heart function, as to how bad regular cycling is hasn’t been determined. It is also up to genetic predisposition, if one is genetically predisposed to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or pre-mature sudden deaths related to heart troubles they should stay away from anabolic steroids. I also believe some steroids are worse for heart function than others, particularly the more androgenic steroids (like tren for example) being worse for the heart as it seems androgens can directly cause myocardial hypertrophy in vitro (however in vitro must be taken with a grain of salt as it is not a natural environment). Remember the heart is a muscle, anabolic steroids cause the hypertrophy of muscles, therefore it would seem logical long-term use could cause heart hypertrophy. It does seem that some of the heart damage caused by anabolic steroids are reversible. Strenuous exercise such as powerlifting also causes Left ventricular remodelling hence the term athletes heart (and the higher rate of sudden cardiac death in athletes) and anabolic steroids seem to exaggerate the hypertrophy. Anaerobic exercise (such as powerlifting, bodybuilding, sprinting). Some people can smoke a pack a day for 40 years and get away with it while another will smoke two cigarettes a day for a year and get lung cancer. While I don’t believe anabolic steroids are as harmful as smoking, I personally don’t want to take the (admittedly slight) chance that I am in the genetic portion that will drop dead after one cycle. The chances of me dropping dead are actually very low, I had an ECG of my heart when I was a baby and no congenital abnormalities were found, there is also only one member who has had a premature heart attack (died late 50s) and he is very distant family. Before you use steroids, I’d check with your mom about whether your family has a history of cardiomyopathy or pre-mature heart trouble, strokes and high cholesterol. If your family has cholesterol issues, I’d avoid orals, if they have history of stroke I’d investigate donating blood as regularly as possible and not using EQ as bioscience suggests it impacts haematocrit the most. To minimise the risk of LVH you need to keep your blood pressure down, use sane responsible doses and get bloodwork periodically to make sure everything is in check.

Study: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0735109792904786

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I really have to praise you for the amount of knowledge that you have on this topic - especially at your age. You’re definitely going places.

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Thank you for the compliment, I have this kind of knowledge on quite a few subjects, I think it’s actually one of the few positives about having high functioning autism

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