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19 Yr Old, 535/355/655, 5’10” 195 Lbs. Test-E 250mg Weekly Cycle

Hi, I’ve been training for 6 years consistently. However, I’ve been pleateued for nearly a year now. I currently run a specified daily undulating periodization program with a lot of assistance exercises and spend 4 hours a day, 4 days per week in the gym. I have tried an advanced sheiko program in the past but did not progress and lost strength on my deadlift. I simply cannot up the volume anymore or I would be even more exhausted. Not to mention that I already consume ridiculously amounts of pre-workout to bare the workload. I am posting this to seek advice on the possibility of a low dose cycle of test in the near future at 21 years old, now or at 25. I wish to become a professional powerlifter. Also, I recently tried MK-677 for a few days but quit because of paranoia that I was going to grow taller. Sorry for anyone that already read my posts in the other thread and thank you for your response.

Deadlift video -

(I pinched my sciatica a few days before this and was lifting more)

If you’re going to run a cycle—at whatever age—you should shoot for something more than 250 test. It’s just not enough to be worth the time you’ll have to spend on pct. I’m obligated to tell you not to run anything at your age (or at 21) but if you want to be a professional powerlifter then you’re in a different place than most guys who start young. If you decide to do it then run at least 500mg test and get yourself at that supraphysiological level that you want.


500mg sounds good, I’ll follow the thread on here about first cycle then. Is 25 really the safest age to begin cycling as everyone says? I haven’t grown in the past 4 years and was definitely an early bloomer so I would imagine that my endocrine system would also develop sooner. In fact, I actually lost an inch in height from what I had marked 4 years ago.

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Is that even a thing lel?

Big aspirations. Good luck to you mane.

Ur gonna need more drugs if you want to be competitive at that level and/or probably more importantly get yourself in with a reputable coach. Big numbers for a younger guy so I reckon you could do pretty well in powerlifting. You can’t out-juice poor programming tho so I’d put my time and money into a big name coach.


Yes, powerlifting is growing and there has been a lot of opportunities for people. But now that you mention it I’ve become very depressed again seeing that I may have wasted some of the best years of my life focusing on lifting weights rather than having fun. I’ve never been to a party, I used to have severe social anxiety, I’m a virgin and have never kissed nor hugged a girl. Sadly enough, I haven’t even had a conversation with a girl before that isn’t related to a class. I’ve just always had a blind passion for lifting and it seems to be the only thing in my life that matters other than my mother and dog. I probably have a rather mild form of aspergers. I still find solace in the fact that I am lucky enough to have a functioning body, I’m strong and I have a mother and dog that loves me. God bless those who were born less fortunate or gave their lives and body as soldiers.

It’s generally better to wait until 25+ because it gives your body more time to grow on its own and give you some good years at your own natural peak testosterone levels. But your situation is different. If you’re aiming to be competitive at the highest levels then I imagine the conventional wisdom is not going to apply. I’d still say wait a little longer, just so you know what can possibly go wrong and what the long term impacts could be. You have time to make this choice, so be sure that it’s what you want and that you know the risks.

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Time is just time. It’s yours to do whatever you want with (kinda lel). Time spent is just time spent.

If you want to label it as a waste or pressure yourself to always be doing something you see as time well spent that’s up to you but that kind of thinking achieves nothing except making you feel shitty.

It’s ur life mane. You do you.

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Thank you both for the responses so far. They have been very helpful, uplifting and free - rare in life. God bless you both.

I will be paying attention to this to see how this goes. Good luck

sometimes you are better off without the “fun” teenagers have. you want to be more social, go for it, however most teenagers in my experience have “fun” by indulging in risky behaviour such as getting shitfaced, using drugs etc, and these behaviours are much more damaging in the long run than using steroids (in my opinion). I saw the video you posted, you have amazing strength for someone of your height and age and likely serious potential if you decide to take this to the next level (as long as you don’t get seriously injured). About being a professional power lifter, you will be using gear for quite a while if that is the road you want to go down, there are definite risks of which you need to be aware of (especially at the doses pros use) such as left ventricular hypertrophy and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, messed up cholesterol levels/ratios (especially with orals), liver toxicity (orals), kidney toxicity, high hematocrit etc. educate yourself to the fullest extent possible so you know how to minimise harm done. That being said, these side effects fall into the realm of possible, there is very little scientific data as to what the adverse impacts of anabolic steroids are to humans in the long term, the few studies out there on the subject are all A: very small B: incredibly biased C: have different, conflicting results. We will likely never know the true extent as to the effects of long term AAS use as it seems medicine has stopped any extensive research on them outside of the realms of TRT. As to mk677, I would personally steer clear of peptides, gh secreters and sarms as there is very little scientific data/ human trials with them and the ones that do exist tend to be with far lower doses then we see with bodybuilders, what I don’t understand is why you are scared of getting taller, isn’t getting taller a good thing (although height growth is not likely given your age)


Just gonna reiterate this: coaching > juicing


First off you’re incredibly strong for your age but are still very young to run a cycle. That being said if you want to be the best you have to do what the best are doing. I agree with everyone else saying at this point coaching > cycling. Before you start stabbing yourself in the butt… 1 get a good quality coach, 2 make sure you have all your facts in check about gear and how to run a safe cycle/ minimize sides.

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Ok, you guys are right. I should seek out a quality coach so things go more smoothly and get advice from someone who has been in the sport for a while. Thanks for the responses.

You can definitely put some size on. Try eating alot more and doing sort of like a Jim Wendler5/3/1 boring but big. And one you get your body weight to a semi decent 215 then come back but until then keep at it buddy. Your way ahead of the curve.


yeah 4 hours a day is ridiculous and counterproductive.
Read around the website tons of good resources to get your lifts moving, try those templates i linked in the other thread and ask guys like Jim wendler and Thib some questions in their forums. Dan John and Dave Tate’s articles especially the ‘Iron Evolution’ series really good stuff also.
Take a break from the pre workout for a few weeksand just go with caffeine pill and aminos etc

loads of guys awkward at that age myself included nothing to worry about just need to get out the basement and force yourself to go out on weekend and develop some social skills.

Going to college?

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Is there anyway I can PM you? I can’t find anything on mobile

Yea, you can PM me, but not on here (I don’t think T nation has a PM function.) Do you have a reddit account?

Yes, my username is Carpetscrub on reddit.

alright I sent u a PM (hopefully to the right username)

For an Aussie teen you sure know a lot about gear. How’d this come about? Just enjoy researching stuff?