19 YO with Pectoris Excavatum

For years ive been trying to build up my physique. I eat very cleanly and have not cheated once in 2 years on my diet. I lift everyday and just wonder why i dont see results. my arms still dont grow and my legs are very pathetic. if i eat too much i gain all the weight in my stomach. And no matter how hard i try i can never get below 12% bf and get visible abs.

What is your lifting/exercise schedule? Have you been seeing consistent increase in your lifts?
How much do you eat?

If you see clear gain in bf but no gain in muscle mass, then you’re simply not working hard enough to induce muscle growth.

More often than not, the only thing that matters for a beginner is just the act of doing things that are physically difficult for you than what exercise you do. Hell, just do sprints 3x a week that leave you quite literally feeling like you’re going to die at the end of it, and you’ll see muscle growth all over your body as long as you’re eating slightly above your daily caloric requirement.

I don’t know why you mention PE in your thread title. I have it as well, and you shouldn’t allow it to hinder you.

So if you want help on this thread, go ahead and post your height, weight, some of your best lifts. Tell us what your routine looks like, and most importantly, what EXACTLY have you eaten in the last day or two. As, go meal by meal.

Eat big but don’t mix fat and carbs; that’s what turns your gains in weight to fat. Don’t drink simple carbs with your PW shake…just water, then an hour later eat something w/ protein that’s going to give you an insulin boost (to save GH release post workout). Work on your mind muscle connection…focus on moving the weight only through the contraction (flex) of the muscle you’re trying to isolate. Go high rep and train like a motherfucker…don’t worry about over training. Get angry; you don’t have to do high weight when you’re isolating muscles, but you do need to push real hard for that contraction over and over.

Simply put; you’re missing a lot of things and you need to train harder, but in a smart way.