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19 YO Looking to Get Leaner, Stronger & Fitter

I’m fairly new to training (only been doing it for half a year, on and off) and my goals are to get leaner, stronger and also fitter for rugby. I’m also trying to increase my push ups, deadlift, squat and bench but I train at home and I don’t have a bench and rack yet for another month. I only have olympic barbell and dumbells with 300lbs worth of plates and a pull up bar so that’s what I based my routine on.

Here’s a routine I’ve made which I thought would work for me:

Friday :
*Pull ups
*Bent over barbell rows
*Bent over two-arm long bar rows

Saturday :
Push ups
*Dumbell one-arm triceps extension
*Dumbell seated triceps press
*Diamond push ups

Sunday :

Monday :
*Close grip pull ups
*Bicep curls and/or Hammer curls
*Barbell bicep curls
*Concentrated curls

Tuesday :
*Push ups
*Standing Barbell shoulder press
*Shoulder lateral raises
Squats (only up to 40kg for about 15-20x)

Wednesday :
*Pull ups
*Deadlift holds
*Farmerâ??s walk with dumbells covered with towels

Thursday :
Push ups

I’m planning to do this routine for about a month until I get a bench + rack to incorporate more exercises.

What do you guys think? Anything I can do to better this routine?

Rough situation without a bench and rack. But, you can do push ups everyday if you like. It’s not taxing enough that you won’t be able to recover from it daily.

Wondering whether you can find a place to do dips (eg. handrail in a corner of some stairs). Challenges you more than pushups, nice variety to chest-tris. Just asking…

floor press!

One thing that helped me massively when i started was a “pull up death set” (not my name). Consisted of:
Wide arm til failure
Overhand til failure
Underhand til failure
Narrow til failure

With 10 secs rest between each variation after failure, then 2-3 minutes rest after the last one. Repeat 3 times. Maybe something to look into?

I’d love to do push ups every day buy sometimes it’s kind of taxing on the shoulders before and after shoulder days. Sometimes I also get a bit sore doing 250+ push ups at sets of 25.

I think I can do dips on my pull up bar or the side of my bed. Do dips work more of the tris or shoulder area though?

I’ve thought of doing floor press but I’d need to stack a lot of weights in order for me to get it off the floor but I’ll definitely try it out. What about the range of motion though? It won’t be too good?

Will look into that pull up ‘death set’, looks challenging… Right now I can’t really do a lot of pull ups though, maxing out on 10 of full slow reps (always starting from hang low and slowly going down).

Thanks for the suggestions everyone, will take everything into consideration.

You could build some blocks or buy some horse mats so you could do floor press and if you made them right you could you them for deadlifts, power cleans and snatches. Also it might be worth doing a local search on ebay for a bench and rack, thats how I got mine.

Haha I’ve been looking at kijiji, craigslist and whatnot (Canadian ebay type sites) and there’s some good deals but I don’t have any transportation so I’ve just been drooling over them lol.

But yeh, there are some good sites that sell proper gym equipment for really cheap though so I get them through there. Money’s the issue and it doesn’t really matter how much I spend, just waiting for my paycheck.

man if you need some basic equipment to lift hit home depot.

here’s a few sites i have bookmarked for DIY equipment:


and there are lots of other sites out there.

for the floor press, just hump it up from your pelvis to overhead

walking lunges, you should be able to clean like 135lbs onto your back and just go for distance, time, or reps.