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19 Years Old, Feedback Wanted

Hey everyone. I am a 19 year old who has been lifting 6 days a week, running cardio PT in the AM with my unit 4x a week, and swimming 1-2x a week. I have lifted for about 3 years now, however after boot camp I literally started back at day 1 because I lost all my muscle mass. I am a good amount bigger than I was before boocamp ( about a year ago).
190 lbs

23 pull ups
260 bench
415 deadlift
395 squat
275 front squat
20:10 3 mile run

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Oh and I eat a ton of food, prob around 3500 calories a day. I also have plazma from the Tnation store and I like it alot! Just the price… :frowning:

1 teaspoon of psyllium husks for a week and that constipation will clear right up.


Oh sorry did I trigger you? Need a safe space?

What specifically did you want feedback on?

Looking good. Details on your routine please?

I missed the question. Was there a question?

Just basic physic stuff I guess, but thanks for the replies so far.

6 days a week lifting work off of a 4 day cycle, benchmark one, deadlift day two, standing shoulder press/ power clean day three, front squat or back squat day four. I do hypertrophy stuff after my main lifts. Then on Saturday go to the pool and swim. Run cardio (usually easy) 3x a week in the morning.
I eat a lot of food, clean carbs, fish and chicken

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Leg and back shot would be helpful for physique feedback. Can you get those?

Complete with moto tat, and legs I can get later today

What body fat do you think I am at?