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19 Years Old - Considering Cycle


What’s up fellas,
I’m a 19 year old Division 1 long distance runner with Low T. I’m an avid bodybuilder as well (currently 163 pounds and 6% body-fat) - been lifting for roughly a year now. Anyways, about two months ago, I went to get blood tests for fatigue and low libido - turns out my testosterone levels were low ~~ 257ng/dl and my lipids were high (high LDL, low HDL (below 35)).
I almost never get “morning wood” nor “erections” and my libido is just at an all time low. I’m still feeling fatigued, getting sick easily, and just struggling to keep up with recovery between running and lifting - running is really starting to lack. I’m still seeing results (gains)- just very slow results.
Not sure if low T is due to running or not - but 257ng/dl seems VERY low for a 19 year old. Wondering if you guys suggest self cycling TRT to give me a little boost - if so, how should I go about doing so? What blood tests should I ask for without the doctor getting suspicious?
I’ve done a lot of research about cycling at a young age and fucking up your endocrine system - but is this a concern for someone with low T?
Happy to see a community like this helping people reach their goals.
Any advise is much appreciated.
Thanks Homies.

Blood Results, Are SARMs the Answer?

You may want to read the stickies at the top of the page. You don’t cycle TRT, it’s for life! You didn’t mention your diet but you may be overtraining which in your case could be caused by lack of enough nutrition. TRT will shut down your system and at your age I would make sure that’s a last resort.


Your going to need TRT at those levels if you want to live a full life because that ain’t going to happen with those levels. I don’t think you realize how serious your situation is, levels below 440 are associated with cardiovascular disease.

If you cycle TRT every time you cycle off you’ll go back to feeling like you do now, your body isn’t producing enough testosterone so why would you want to come off and feel like crap again?

You can try restart using Clomid to jumpstart your natural production but if that doesn’t work then you’ll need TRT for life. It’s possible your testosterone is low due to overtraining.


What should my plan of action be for getting this sorted out - what blood tests should I get to see what’s going on?


All the tests are in a Sticky at the top of the forum. It says “Lab work, Testing and Symptoms”


Hey fellas,
I’m a 19 year old, Division 1 Track and Field athlete. I’ve been lifting for four years on and off, but over the last half-year, I’ve been lifting consistently 6 days/week. I got my blood tested for testosterone before I started lifting seriously ~ 1/2 year ago, I noticed my total testosterone was very low for a 19 year old (312ng/dl). Anyways, I started lifting and taking Creatine and got my blood checked again this past week.
Here are the results:
Cholesterol Total: 228mg/dL (Normal <170 mg/dL)
HDL Cholesterol: 49 mg/dL (Normal >45 mg/dL)
LDL Cholesterol: 160 mg/dL (Normal <110 mg/dL)
Glucose: 109 mg/DL (Normal - 65 to 99 mg/DL)
Red Blood Cell: 4.62 million/uL (Normal - 4.2 to 5.8 million/uL)
White Blood Cell: 4.8 thousand/uL (Normal - 3.8 to 10.8 thousand)
Ferritin: 55 ng/mL (Low<11, High>172 ng/mL)
FSH: 4.3 mIU/mL (Low<1.6, High>8 mIU/mL)
LH: 5.0 mIU/mL (Low<1.5, High>9.3 mIU/mL)
T3 total: 103 ng/dL (Low<86, High>192 ng/dL)
T4 free: 1.2 ng/dL (Low<.8, High>1.4 ng/dL)
T4 (thyroxine) total: 6.7 mcg/dL (Low<4.5, High>12 mcg/dL)
TSH: 1.96 mIU/L (Low<.5, High>4.3 mIU/L)
Estradiol: 30 pg/mL (High>39 pg/mL)
T3 free: 3.8 pg/mL (Low<3, High>4.7 pg/mL)
Vitamin D: 41 ng/mL (Low<30, High>100 ng/mL)
Testosterone Free: 89.8 pg/mL (Low<46, High>224 pg/mL)
Sex hormone binding globulin: 26 nmol/L (Low<10, High>50 nmol/L)
Testosterone Total: 533 ng/dL (Low<250, High>1100 ng/dL)
Testosterone Bioavailable: 176.9 ng/dL (Low<110, High>575 ng/dL)
Albumin: 4.3 g/dL (Low<3.6, High>5.1 g/dL)

Based on what I’ve been reading, even 533 ng/dL is quite low for a 19 year old in their prime. I’ve been having other symptoms related to Low T as well (less horny, harder to get erection, etc.). The doctor said I was fine and did not recommend me to a endocrinologist.

I’m wondering what I could do to boost my gains. I’m already very lean (6-7% body-fat) and muscular being 163 pounds.
Anyways, regarding low T, I want to take matters into my own hands without fucking up my endocrine system. I’ve been doing a lot of research on safe steroids and came across Anavar and SARMs. I’m trying to put on lean mass and strength and I’m currently in a bulking cycle.
My question to you guys is, what substance will be most effective for putting on lean mass (while maintaining the highest safety profile)? Which substance, SARMs or Anavar will affect my HPTA system more if at all (being 19 years old)? Which SARMs will be the best for my scenario - should I stack?
Thanks in advance guys.


I already answered your question on the TRT forum. The pharma guys are not going to recommend someone your age and normal blood tests cycling or taking TRT either.

Anavar is not a safe alternative for your HPTA.

SARMS have mixed results and for those that do feel results they are not near as effective as anabolics. Further, they have been shown to affect the HPTA as well.


533ng/dl is far from hypogonadal at your age, sure, it isn’t optimal, however no one is going to recommend TRT for your levels, get another blood test in the following months, you mentioned one of your tests came in at 312ng/dl, was this in the morning, afternoon or evening. For younger guys like us, natural T will peak in the morning and dramatically decline throughout the rest of the day, the difference can be as big as 30%. Your glucose is also elevated, I’d get that looked into. You are slightly low on Vitamin D, low levels of vitamin D cause low T. Sarms have very little clinical research proving they are safe, particularly at bodybuilding doses, stay away from them. Anavar is an anabolic androgenic steroid, a C17AA one at that too, it will fuck your lipids beyond belief. The myth that anavar is not supressive or is less suppressive than other AAS is just that, a myth. In tiny clinical doses such as 5mg daily, suppression is minimal, however performance enhancing doses are far higher, stay away from AAS. You say you are division 1, I’m not sure what that is but it sounds good, lay off the PED’s for a few more years. P.S Going by anecdotal reports, sarms shut down some guys just as hard as AAS and many sarms are spiked with designer steroids. Just my .02 cents…


OP is scoring in the range of 60-70 year old healthy men and he’s has symptoms, his levels are way below average for someone so young.

His age is the problem as few doctors want to put him on TRT because his endocrine systems is still developing until 25-30 years old.