19 Years Old - Competition Shape

I’m the one at the left

Here you go, I’ve been training for 4 years now and did my second competition in Laval. I took first place in the junior category (21 years old and less) and I’m currently training for Canada in 2011.

I don’t have a backshot yet but as soon as I receive my pictures from the show I will update the thread.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, stats are:

off season:
190 pounds, 5’6", 19 years old

on stage weight:
168 pounds







The photos are not too good because I was outside and the sun is hiding the details but as soon as I receive the photos on stage I will update this thread

Dude, your delts are silly good.

Good work man.

Awesome dude - looking thick and ripped!

Nice mix of size and shape.

You’re fucking 19…Jesus…I wish I had your parents genetic material right now.

Sick delts too…

Silly question, is that your brother too?

If so my desire for your parents’ genetic material just skyrocketed.

Looking great man, solid 8+ just because your upper body is so sick it looks like you could add some mass to your wheels. But I’m sure you will be able to do that by your next show. Great job.

En shape le gros !!!

Thanks for your feedbacks, I’m trying hard to put more size on my wheels this year, and general mass too.
By the way, this is not my brother but a powerlifter friend. He has some crazy lifts.

Oh I was actually asking about the other one in your BB comp, the one you took the side chest shot with on the grass there. But I guess he isn’t, because you would have clued in to that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up man, you’re a beast

Damn, good work for your age…really amazing.
Good luck at your next comp!

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I actually noticed it myself, BBB. It’s most pronounced in the pic with his powerlifter buddy.

Great work for someone so damn young! Now,… Legs need to come up to be in balance with your torso, but luckily your conditioning was spot on, and made up for it.

BBB- I was wondering as well,… not too evident in the ‘relaxed’ shots though,…


Yup a little gyno there. The unfortunate thing is the first place where water shows on a guy when he starts to spill is usually the nips… so if there is any gyno present at all, it will swell.