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19 Years Old, 6'3

Hey guys just joined this forum for honest feedback. Have been looking around and the posts of other guys have been motivating me to train harder.

I’m 6’3" 19 years old and weighed in at 205 lbs. My goals are to get abs by December and improve my overall cardio. It’s been a difficult transition because I played football in high school and had the mentality of lifting heavy and eating everything. Since about a month ago, I have been on a strict diet, lifting heavy 2-3 times a week and doing bodyweight workouts/cardio 6 days a week. I am currently in the Navy and my future goals are to become a Navy SEAL and this is what I am training for. These are the only pictures I have…took them last night.

Just wanting critical feedback whether its positive or negative and would like to know what I can improve on. Thanks!

Just weighed in at 203

forgot something?

If you’re serious about SEAL’s, why do you really give a rat’s about your “physique”? Distance running, swimming, high rep calisthenics, high strength to weight ratio and mental toughness infinitely more important.

Just wanted feedback on my physique right now. Trying cut down a lot to get leaner and lighter which would help in all my PT scores. I do max everything except the run.

I do focus on everyone of the exercises you mentioned. There are many reasons why people post their physique; to show improvement, before/after, current progress, etc. but once again just wanted honest feedback.

Didn’t mean to be a dick. It’s just that, because this is mainly a bodybuilding site, people on here will tend to rate your physique by bodybuilding criteria, which are not at all relevant to your goals. If you were big enough to get a good score on here you would likely be too big to do well at BUDS.

If you have been reading around this site, you know that “abs by December” is a goal that you will achieve in the kitchen. You say you are on a strict diet, but some specifics will help people to give you better feedback.

I would say that, relative to your stated goals, and in the absence of any leg pics, you look fine except, as you said, you will want to lose a some fat. I would say that if you train intelligently for your PT goals and keep the diet in line, you’ll get there.

Thanks for your service and all the best.

Be safe.

Six-pack lean = even colder in the surf and harder to keep afloat. Just saying

Where’s the pics of your wheels??? Read the sticky if you want good honest feedback otherwise people are just going to poke fun at you. I also agree with these guys in the fact that why do you care about your looks if you want to be a Navy Seal? You should be concentrating on being a Navy Seal and not your abs.