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19 Years Old, 5'6'',153

could any one tell guess my body fat percentage by the pic? or at least comment on my progress? wont be happy until i get abs to show lol

You suck at trolling.

Need a shoe for reference.


before pic i was weighing 167 just a month ago in this.





the yellow tile wall in your bathroom is rather ugly, i would suggest remodeling.

its funny how people post stupid ass comments on something im not asking about. yes it could use remodeling, but im happy that i have a decent house. so stfu

it would be nice if some one could answer my question or comment on my progress, instead of d.a. comments…thanks!

between 10 and 20

if you figure out exactly what it is, you should write it on your forehead. Otherwise, no one else will know. Or you could just tell everyone you see. that could be fun.

Read the sticky in this forum for rules regarding Rate My Physique, and then follow them. Then you won’t get these responses.

[quote]laytonc wrote:
this is amazing! im definately giving this vdiet a shot[/quote]

Your 19, 153lbs. and just wrote in a different thread about how your going to do the V-diet.

I hope for your sake that you are a troll.

Oh, and your body fat is 1, happy?

i’d guess around 13-15%

I think your about a 0%

Good work.

it’s cute that you flex your traps in every picture :wink:

15-16% bf