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19 Years Old, 2 Years Training




back double biceps


rear lat spread


front double biceps


no wheels = no score



lean man

current stats- age, height, weight
lifting stats???


sorry :slightly_smiling:

legs pics just for 1.5years of training (I don't have recent pics)... low quality pic


sorry just saw your age

but lets hear everything else




Age: 19
2 years of training

Height: 6'0.5" (1.84 m)
Weight: 163 lb (74 kg)

Power records:
Squat 242lb for 6 reps
Bench press 176lb for 6 reps
Barbell curl 100lb for 6 reps
Overhead press 154lb for 6 reps


image comparasion for 1.5 years of training:




Good progress and really lean. Whats your split look like?



I work 4 days a week:

Shoulders + triceps
Back + traps
Chest + biceps


Nice work keep it up.

what's your diet look like?




I eat at lest 6 meals per day. Lots of meat, eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruits etc. Try to keep low the junk, but plenty of calories (about 4000kcal/day). I drink at least 2L of water per day. Supplements just vitamins (Animal Pak) and post workout recovery shake (ON Whey + dextrose).


Dude,no offence-not bad progress,but I think you need more cals with your body type.
I'm just guessing,I don'tknow you but you look like a classic 'hardgainer' ectomorph.
You may like the lean look,or got it by accident due to your metabolism.I actually think you would look better even if you had more body fat,to 'fill you out' a bit more and probably improve your gains.
You can easily cut back later.
I think you could try adding say 500 cals a day,see how you progress,and every 6-8 weeks up your cals again by 500 a day if no additional progress.
The legs need serious attention.I hope you hit the legs as hard as your upper body.Don't neglect them.

And please post a pic without maximum flexing so we can get a real idea of what we're looking at here.


Oh,and I think you could lose the Animal Pak for now,and pick any cheaper quality vits,and spend that money on more food.Chuck some fullfat milk in that PWO shake if you're not already.


yeah everything he said


milk in PWO shake? not a very good idea.

You need the nutrients from your PWO to reach your damaged muscles as fast as possible and milk will only slow the absorption process.

Whole milk it's not a bad idea just don't use in your PWO shake.