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19 Years Old, 195 Pounds


195 5-6


leg pic


I take bad pictures.










another leg pic


last pic


Not to be critical here but when you have a leg pic you should include down to the ankle or at least past the bottom your knee a bit. It hard to tell what your leg even looks like from this pictures


Nice back and chest. Arms need to be much bigger.


ya sorry my.mirrors are high up.


working on them...my arms are.also the weakest bodypart..im at 50db on curls for 8-10 while benching 405..i upped the volume and weight.while keeping intensity high


Pretty fucking impressive for 19! Keep it up, LOTS of potential!


Very solid base. Back looks amazing for 19 and, although the leg shots aren't great, It seems that they are developed too.

Awesome for any age....you have serious potential if you choose to keep pushing.


thank you ever for the wise words...I took this pics after cutting up couple months...currently im bulking up..trying to get my arms.bigger, and legs, back, everything bigger lol


Honestly, you'd look bigger if you cut about 20 pounds. Sounds redundant, but if you do it slowly then you'll maintain your strength.


ur right but im trying to get bigger. I made the mistake of dirty bulking but now im eating 3500 calories all coming from clean foods and i try to carb cycle. I dont mind a little fat gain because i know I will get bigger in the long run then i will cut 20-30 pounds


Pretty thick for 19 bro, what are your lifts and diet like?


You back is huge and you have some good size but you need to bring up certain muscles. Legs arms and maybe even your rear delts. Could be the pic and the way you are posing but it looks like they need to come up as well. For 19 you're a beast though.