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19 Year Old with Serious Issues (Please Help)


Age 19
Weight approx 210 lbs
6ft tall

** i have never used steroids of any kind **

I have felt like rubbish since puberty, before that i was fit and healthy and had good energy levels and motivation for life.

I posted some pics below, keep in mind i have had surgery for grade 3 gynecomastia and thats why i have scares on my chest
i'm worried i might have Klinefelters Syndrome.. or maybe its just because of high estrogen through puberty? im 19 by the way.

My endo says my E2 is fine (i know it isnt) and i dont have a womanly body shape.

Dyspraxia (which causes co-ordination problems)
Poor libido (Low sexual desire)
Fatigue (medical) always tired
Erectile Dysfunction - Weak Erections and No Morning Erections
easy weight gain
Poor sleep (I can hardly get out of bed, i never feel fresh on a morning)
Difficulty concentrating
Memory Loss-difficulty in choosing words in language
Anxiety (i get random anxiety for no apparent reason)
Ive had Grade 3 bilateral Gynecomastia (Had Surgery at age 17)
Frequent urination (polyuria) without infection; waking at night to urinate


Serum Testosterone Level: 16.4 or 482 nmol/L (8.0 - 30.0)

E2: 149 (<150)

SSHBG: 13 nmol/L (13.0-71.0)

TSH: 2.5 miu/L (0.2 - 6.0)

Free T4 14.4 pmol/L (10.0-25.0)

New thyroid results see posts below

I have no problems with body hair (i shaved stomach and chest before the pic)
and i shave my face every 3-4 days at most.


Is my T too high for TRT? i feel like an 80 yr old women


Mate, there is definitely something up with you hormonally, IMO. You are on the right track pursuing estrogen issues I think. Can you possibly source arimidex somewhere? That will probably do you a good bit of good in getting your issues under control. You will probably see an increase in Test from this alone.

Your thyroid also sticks out to me. At 2.5, your TSH isn't sky high, but it is worrisome along with your lowish T4 levels. Having Free T3 and Reverse T3 would be helpful, but I understand those are difficult to come by in the UK.

Do you workout at all? what is your training regimen like? What about diet? These can create hormonal issues for some.

You should also have your cortisol levels checked. I would not be surprised to see them out of whack as well..

If I were you, I would pursue the arimidex and pursue further thyroid/adrenal testing. You should also list your diet and training protocol to see if there is anything we can help you with there (it may be tough).

Get your hands on some quality Vitamin D3 (I use Biotics Emulsified Brand) and take 6-10k iu/day (higher to start, then taper down to 6k). Also good quality fish oil and multi-vitamins. These will probably help you a bit, but it looks like you are going to need to look at more intervention.


I don't work out as i barely have the energy to get out of bed, in the past i have pushed through and ended up being un able to leave my bedroom for several days i am so fatigued, maybe the AI would give me a litle boost.

What is an ideal TSH thyroid level? under 2.0? also what should T4 be, all the doctors seem to care about over here is if its in range. I am going to push for a 4x saliva cortisol test aswell as a full thyroid panel and tests for insulin resistance as i dont want to take an AI before any other issues are resolved.


The Thyroid results are in...

My free thyroxine sure seems low, thoughts on the labs?


anyone clued up on thyroid about? do i need to get Rt3 checked?


IMO, your thyroid is not perfect but probably isn't the source of your issues...Your RT3 probably isn't out of whack since your T4 is on the lower end, and higher T4 accompanied by lower T3 usually points to RT3. Maybe keep this in the back of your mind if you address other areas and don't see improvement, but I personally wouldn't address it right now.

I would definitely look into estrogen issues man. Also the cortisol test if you can come by it, but definitely estrogen.


Ive ordered the 4x cortisol test and i agree my E2 is high and if that was lowered my testosterone would probably reach a much better level, here in the UK they are against giving AI's to men and they dont consider my e2 high - URRRGH! where can i order AI's from online - as thats my only option.

But would high E2 really make me feel fatigued all the time?


Bump. Am i allowed to ask on here where i could purchase AI's from ?