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19 Year Old, TRT, Abnormal Case


Hi Guys

Its my first time using this site and I feel like this would be a good way to find some help/ answers with my medical situation. I apologize in advance for the ridiculously long post as I want to give as much detail possible so I can get some help, advice or even find someone who can relate to me so I don't feel like the only guy in the world who is going through this.

So when I was growing up, I failed to hit puberty. My family doctor ignored it because my parents were both 'late bloomers' and apparently so was I. He also noticed that my left testicle wouldn't stay descended and advised my to message my lower abdomen to bring it back down. Eventually it came down and stayed there. A few years went by, all my friends and classmates grew taller, stronger and hairier and then there was me, a short, weak, chubby, hairless kid with an abnormally high pitched voice.

Because I was visibly abnormal, I was always alienated out of everything, and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. I was always picked last on every sport that I attempted to play because I didn't have enough power to kick a soccer ball or I didn't have the height to shoot a basketball. I wouldn't even get chosen to do voluntary work at my church because I wasn't 'old enough' to be a Big Brother figure to the little kids at my church. And as for my social/ dating life, well I didn't really have one because my health issues got me seriously depressed and girls would automatically bro-zone me because I looked much younger than other guys my age. It would even affect my studies as I wouldn't be able to focus on any of my school work. My teachers thought I was stupid, a few of them even called me out in front of the entire class. But enough of my sad childhood, lets move on to the real problem.

I went to multiple doctors and they all said that I had nothing to worry about, that when its time I will hit puberty and catch up with the rest of my friends. But unfortunately that wasn't the case. It wasn't until my 15th birthday where I had enough and started going to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. They didn't really do any tests. They started injecting me with 50mg of Depo-Testosterone every 3 weeks for 6 weeks to see if my body would take over once they stopped. Once the injections stopped, my body did not take over and still wouldn't produce testosterone. I was 16 when my doctor decided that I will be on TRT for the rest of my life. I still remember her exact words, "I honestly do not know what the problem is. I can't tell whether it is a testicular problem or a problem with your pituitary gland. Either way we are starting you on TRT. Oh and one more thing, you have to accept the fact that you will never have kids." So after blindly trusting my endo at apparently one of the best hospitals in Canada, I started TRT. When I turned 18, my dose had increased to 200mg of depo testosterone every month. Yeah I know its really not that much. So its safe to say that I was basically a prepubescent male who is legally considered an adult. Pretty funny stuff.

Anyway so when I turned 18, I got transferred to another hospital where this other endocrinologist thought it would be a good idea to keep the dosage at 200mg a month. After realizing that my endo is a complete idiot, I took matters into my own hands, searched up a well known endocrinologist in Scarborough (Toronto) and started seeing him. He took one look at my bloodtests and told me that he is going to help me and everything is going to be okay (yay). He looked at my bloodtests and told me:

-My LH and FSH levels are undetectable
-My estradiol levels were 139 (< 157 pmol/L)
- My testosterone levels then were 6.7 (7.6 - 31.4 nmol/L).

Im no doctor but those levels sounded pretty low to me. So over the course of a year he increased my dosage to 400mg every week. Levels are coming up slowly but no progression in masculinization. Then he increased 600mg a week. My voice changed and I can now grow facial hair, sort of. I am now 19 (turning 20 in a few months) and I still am very far from looking like my age. I even get mistaken for a 10th grader which sucks. Here is some info that can put it into perspective:

Age: 19
Height: 5'4.7"
Weight: 201Ibs

Body Hair: Thin leg hair, little bit of hair under arms, tiny undetectable fibers on my chest. I haven't lost my adolescent hair, my hairline is very feminine and my arm hair is very thin as well.

Facial Hair:

Very little. Grows thin and very slowly. Moustache is basically not existent (looks like a little kids peach fuzz) I have hair all over my face, growing abnormally, asymmetrically, patchy I can go on. Doctors tell me my genes don't allow me to to grow much facial hair. Then I look at my dad and his brothers who are all hairy, fully bearded men. I look at my mothers family, who's brothers are all capable of growing full beards. and the fact that I am an indian male who's entire race is pretty hairy, I don't see how my genes can be completely different from my family let alone my race.

All the hair on my body other than on my head cannot be seen when standing two meters from me.

Fat: Distributed very femininely. Lots of chest fat, ass fat, my hips are wide, a lot of fat in the lower back area. My thighs are pretty massive too. I have tried to lose weight but I find it very hard to lose weight. It took my over 2.5 months to drop 15 pounds.

Manhood: Underdeveloped

Surgeries: Breast reduction surgery, the boobs grew back though, pointier than ever.

Drugs: Delatestryl, Welbutrin

This has got my very depressed. So my doctor prescribed me some anti depressants. I can confidently say that they do not help at all. I frequently have suicidal thoughts, have given up on religion and am slowly withdrawing from society. I look at how far everyone my age has gotten in life, and then theres me. Single, lonely and depressed.

My most recent blood test is as follows inCanadian/ British values (don't know the conversion rates):

TSH: 2.15 0.35 - 5.00 mIU/L
LH: <1. 2-9 IU/L
FSH: <1. 2-12 IU/L
Testosterone: 26.8 M: 7.6 - 31.4 nmol/ L
Free Testosterone: 937 196 - 636 pmol/L
DHT 4323 860 - 3406 pmol/L

Since this bloodtest my doctor has increased my dosage of testosterone to 1000mg every 2 weeks because of incomplete masculinization. He says I apparently have hypergonadotropic hypogonadism. He is still unsure of the reason and does not know if it is due to testicular failure.

So basically my issue here is that my levels are more than ok, but is my body so feminine like? My fat distribution, hairline, my voice still isn't up to par with a male voice. Is my body not accepting the testosterone? Is it converting to estrogen? I am completely lost and am seeking answers that not doctor is able to give me.

I also get a rash all over my arms, neck and chest every time I exercise or I feel a change in temperature. I also get a prickly, itchy sensation all over my body. Is this due to the testosterone? The doctors also do not know why this happens.

I have attached a few pictures of my facial hair after a month without shaving (camera darkens the hairs but in person its much lighter), my forehead/ hairline and the rash I get over my arms every time i try to exercise or I'm feeling hot.

If anyone has any advice or has similar issues, I would really appreciate some sort of reply.

Thanks for taking the time to read this long post.



Has your pituitary been imaged with a MRI to see if the is an adinoma?

Are your testes small? I would expect so.

Any discussion about hCG injections? Might power up your testes? If that works, you can do that. If hCG develops your testes, you might want that even if sperm count is zero.

Problem might be that your hypothalamus is not telling your pituitary to get busy. Might be interesting to take a SERM, Nolvadex suggested [not Clomid], then see if LH/FSH appears. [you can do this while on TRT].

The T levels in your lab work are sufficient for virilization.

Have docs run any testes for genetic abnormalities?

DHT is responsible for development and maintenance of the sex organs.

TSH should be closer to 1.0
The lab ranges are sort of useless
Have you been using iodized salt for years? - if not, probably iodine deficient.
The best overall measure of your thyroid function is to check your body temperatures.
Check oral temp when you first wake up AND ALSO mid-afternoon

Is your thyroid enlarged? Neck looks thick where your thyroid is?

Read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys
  • thyroid basics
  • protocol for injections

You need these labs:
E2 - important!
fasting cholesterol [might be too low]
fasting glucose
AM cortisol [do at 8AM]
fT4 [please not T3, T4]
IGF-1 [ to evaluate GH levels, do not test GH itself]

Thyroid is very important. Please consider and don’t have T-tunnel vision.

All thyroid hormones should be suspect.

DHEA is made from pregnenolone in the adrenal glands and in males, a lot of pregnenolone is made in the testes that probably is not happening. DHEA is an important factor in armpit & pubic hair development during adolescence. This might be a factor for you. You may need to supplement pregnenolone. You can get take DHEA if needed. Start with 25mg the repeat labs. You need higher levels for your induced puberty.

You need to be near E2=22pg/ml 80 pmol/L
Your E2=137 pmol/L with very low T is very abnormal.

You should have been given 0.5mg/week anastrozole in divided doses to see if your HPTA would turn on. Could have been anastrozole+SERM. Lame doctors.

You need steady T levels. You should be self injecting T twice a week. You have always been VERY estrogen dominant. When docs give you high dose T, your E2 may now be very high. You need to get those E2 levels down to facilitate your physical and MENTAL virilization.

Ask to self inject T then inject twice a week. You should be taking Arimidex/anastrozole 0.5mg at that time. More info in labs re E2 labs and anastrozole dosing. You need to fight with the docs for this!

When you exert your self, do you muscles hurt easily at that time? Any other muscle ache observations? Muscle cramps? [if so take magnesium or magnesium+zinc supplement].

multi-vit with iodine and selenium as well as other trace minerals
fish oil
5,000iu/day vit-D3, look for tiny oil based caps. Take 25,000 for first week.

What is you diet?
Any food allergies/sensitivities?
Any cravings?

You may be getting off of Wellbutrin some day, or reducing.

Any sign of gyno? If not now, there is a danger with TRT for you if E2 not managed.

There are many things here for you to answer and take action on. There are few days of reading and things to read more than once. Please come back to this post and review. Please do not miss anything. Take your body temperatures ASAP so I don’t have to nag, that is important. Do not ignore thyroid, iodine issues.

No … I am not a doctor.

Skin rash. This might change with time and other interventions suggested here.

Canadian doctors are a sad bunch, you need to know more about your medical issues than they do then do battle.


Thanks for the quick and detailed response. I really appreciate it. I will answer everything in the order that it was asked so bare with me as I’ll be jumping from one thing to the next.

My pituitary has been imaged. I do have a tumor that is 7x7mm or something like that. It is nothing to worry about according to the doc.

Testes are small, I guess thats due to TRT.

This is is the first time I am hearing about hCG injections. All the doctors that I have scene have never mentioned anything like that to me before. According to them, no matter what the issue is, testosterone injections are the only solution.

So as per the hypothalamus not telling the pituitary to do its thing, is Nolvadex something I can ask my doc to prescribe me? I’m going through my family doctor as my endo doesn’t want to see me until my next appointment which is in 9 weeks. Would it be important to give him a head up on what I’m doing? Or should I just let him know that this is what I’ve done the next time I see him

Genetic abnormalities: No tests have been done. The only thing that ive got done is a chromosome test which shows everything is okay.

I have been using iodized salt so I doubt it is iodine deficiency.

Now we move on to thyroid. My thyroid was normal until a few months ago. According to my family doc my thyroid levels are high/ I have hypothyroid. I talked to my endo about it and he said its probably nothing to worry about and it could be an episode. He says its better to wait it out and see if it goes back down because thyroid meds is a lifetime commitment. So are T shots but whatever. My neck has always been thick, even when I wasn’t fat. Is there any way to reduce the thickness? It feels very odd and looks very odd especially when I’m wearing a collared shirt/ suit.

I will get the labs done as soon as possible and post them here. Thanks for the info on what I should get done. My doc usually just checks my testosterone. It took 2 months for me to convince him to check my dht levels.

When I do excercise, I usually get bone pain (especially my legs when I run), more than muscle pain. Muscle pain usually follows the next day or the day after.

Diet: Let me start off by saying I love food, but I hate what it does to my body. Last weekend I went out of town with a couple of buds and I had rice, steak and wings and a whole lot of salad over a weekend and my weight jumped 5 pounds. For the past 2 months I had cut down my food intake.

My daily meals are as follows:


  • Bran Cereal 1/2 Cup with 1% Skim Milk 1/2 Cup
  • 1 Banana


  • 2 Slices of whole wheat bread with either a few slices of cheese, or jam
  • Bowl of salad (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrots)

Dinner (varies but is around same amount):

  • Bowl of salad (tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, carrots)
  • Grilled Chicken Breast
  • 1% Milk 1 Cup


  • Steamed Veggies
  • Milk 1 cup
  • Baby carrots

Once a week I have either potatoes, fries or one small burger from mcdonalds (usually a Jr Chicken)

Gyno: Is much smaller than before, but nips are still puffy and very visible through shirts.

Once again thanks for the quick response and I will get back to you with the blood tests and info regarding my thyroid.


Were testes small before TRT? Yes, TRT does that UNLESS you use hCG.

T injections will restore T levels, hCG will restore/develop your testes AND body image. 250iu SC EOD is low dose and harmless. hCG mono therapy should develop your testes. Producing a significant amount of T is unknown.

Endo will want to know. Nolvadex can be Rx by any doc. But getting them on board is another issue. At this point it would be a trial and would have diagnostic value in any case. It will also help with any gyno that you have, but lowering E2 is first line for that.

Chrom0sone is genetics. But these testes only detect what they test for. If found, does not imply that anything can be done.

Using iodized salt for last year or forever? Check container. Using sea salt is a problem. Iodized salt it not used in prepared foods or [typically] in restaurants.

Sounds like your thyroid is enlarged. Is it lumpy or asymmetrical?

When doc says nothing to worry about, it means he/she is not going to do anything. If you are iodine deficient, that can be fixed easily. Ask doc why did not ask about iodine intake. [Never seen a doc do that].

You could be having a problem with a lack of selenium.

You can now add thyroid antibodies to your lab list.

New: do you now feel cold easily?

You could have bone loss from low T. They can test that too. But the best treatment would be TRT and thats already happening.


  • reading
  • body temperatures
  • ask for anastrozole 1.0mg /week
  • ask for hCG or trial Nolvadex 10mg ED
  • ask for self injections twice a week
    – see stickies re injecting T with tiny insulin needles


Testes have always been small, started TRT at age 15 and they have been the same size for as long as I can remember. Do you think its too late for hCG to stimulate penile growth/ development of the testes?

One thing I forgot to mention in my first post, my pubic hair coming in strong around age 11 when my testosterone levels were basically non existent. Which was one of the reasons the doctors thought that my testosterone levels were fine until they actually measured them at age 15.

I will go to my doctor today to request the blood tests so I should be able to post them up hopefully by the end of the week. As for the thyroid antibodies, is there anything specific that should be written on the requisition, or should ‘thyroid antibodies’ be ok?

Iodized salt has been used for the past 6 years. I do not know about the salt from before that as my parents do not recall.

Thyroid is asymmetrical. It is more swollen on the right side of my neck but my entire neck is pretty enlarged.

I do not feel cold easily, I am usually hot and tend overheat/ get hot flashes when I enter any building from the cold. I also get them when I wear a winter jacket outside. So sometimes I wonder if its better to endure the hot flashes or deal with getting sick by not wearing a jacket outside.

I have been doing the readings and have learned a lot of new things, thanks for that.

Self injections shouldn’t be a problem.

I have one last question (for now). When I start hCG, I’m guessing the testosterone will have a larger impact on me then it does now. Should I be worried about the large dose that I’m receiving? My DHT levels are already pretty high, does that mean I will start losing hair? My father started losing hair hair in his 40s but his DHT levels weren’t as high as mine are right now. Also, will hCG increase my facial and body hair?

All the endocrinologists that I have seen have been idiots. I have honestly gotten more information on this site in the past two days, than I’ve gotten from all my previous doctors in the past 4 years. I feel that they do not know anything about my situation and seem to get very upset when they realize that I have done my research and talk to them like a knowledgable patient. Needless to say, I am currently looking everywhere for another endo that I can go to.

Thanks again


After 4 years, things are in doubt.

First hair growth is driven by DHEA, not T.
So that is explained.

Thyroid antibody panel should do.
(Remember the role of selenium.)
Doc’s will have other lab work. Try to get copies to see if anything else is there that is useful. Even if you have been getting enough iodine, you should get an identifiable source of selenium and I suggested a multi-vit earlier.

Do you use much salt at the table?

Those physical changes to your thyroid sound serious. If there are lump, nodules, those can be or progress to been “autonomous”, producing thyroid hormones outside of the TSH signal. That can progress to hyperthyroidism.

Are the doctors acting like your adenoma could not be growing?
Seems like some thyroid issues are suddenly new for you.

Any thyroid issues with your parents?

Your temperature instability and skin rash/flushing makes me wonder about your adrenal function. But I can’t really back that up.

That pituitary adenoma can potentially have effects on other pituitary hormones.

hCG is a functional replacement for LH. It is a signaling peptide (protein like) hormone. If has no direct effect on hair growth. If your testes are responsive [doubt], they would become larger and firmer and your scrotum would hang normally instead if been up-tight. Then they might start producing T, pregnenolone, E2 and some other hormones. So you will have to wait and see. All of that is not predicable or certain for you.

DHEA will affect hair growth if you have been quite low and supplement. If you have the genetics to loose hair, that will happen with TRT. Changes in your body and mind can take time to happen. I was a low T guy and when I start TRT in my 50’s, I slowly started to get more body hair and my sparse beard became dense after a few years. TRT will increase facial hair if lack of T and DHT had been the cause. Could there be other issues? I guess that that might be possible, but no hard data.

When you deal with your docs. Try stating something like: I am going to be working with a specialist. I am studying these things and I am going to become active in my health care and I am going to “specialized on me”; and we can both learn something on the way. Don’t accept cookie cutter treatment as your case does not have any parallels.

Finding an endo who has worked on something like your case is probably futile. You need a doc who is open minded, and will do what you want, or is open minded and possesses diagnostic and deductive reasoning. That is difficult at the best of times and even worse in Canada. See the finding a TRT doc. Keep reading and see the links to Wikipedia.

Are you avoiding red meat? Wondering if you get enough iron. Your CBC [complete blood count] would be good to see. That should also include hematocrit. If that is low while on TRT, something is wrong, often a GI problem. No food sensitivities?

I am glad that you are reading. You need to get on top of this. Its a steep learning curve.


I dont use much salt, only the salt added when cooking which isn’t much.

Doctors are telling me that the adenoma is nothing to worry about and that they will check again in a year to see if it has grown. I demanded another MRI as I don’t trust his judgment anymore.

Thyroid is new for me. The thing which confuses me a lot is the fluctuations of my thyroid levels within blood tests:


TSH: 9.54 -> 0.35 - 5.00 mIU/L


TSH: 2.15 -> 0.35 - 5.00 mIU/L


TSH: 2.23 -> 0.35 - 5.00 mIU/L

My parents do not have any thyroid issues, but my older sister has hyperthyroidism.

I am not avoiding red meats. Here are the results to the blood test that you requested:

B12: 524

FERRITIN: 55 -> 14 - 153 ug/L

TSH: 2.23 -> 0.35 - 5.00 mIU/L
FREE T3: 5.9 -> 2.6 - 5.7 pmol/L
DHEAS: 14.9 -> 1.91 - 13.4 umol/L
TESTOSTERONE: 69.3 -> 7.6 - 31.4 nmol/ L
ESTRADIOL: 534 -> <157 (Why is my doc ignoring this?!)

FREE TESTOSTERONE: 2769 -> 196 - 636 pmol/L
IGF-1: 621 -> 141 - 483 ug/L

GLUCOSE SERUM FASTING: 4.4 -> Normal: 3.6 - 6.0 mmol/L
Hours Fasting: 15
CHOLESTEROL: 5.71 -> Desired: < 4.60 mmol/L
TRIGLYCERIDES: 1.44 -> <1.2 mmol/L
HDL CHOLESTEROL: 0.86 -> 0.9 - 1.60 mmol/L
LDL CHOLESTEROL CALC: 4.19 -> 1.7 - 3.00 mmol/L




We know that your adenoma is not FSH or LH secreting.

The docs should have tested prolactin and if elevated, Dostinex/cabergoline 0.5mg/week [oral] would lower prolactin and shrink the adinoma.

Some adenomas that produce prolactin also produce HG. Your IGF-1 indicates higher than normal range GH secretion.

Wild swings in TSH could be from different degrees of iodine deficiency. And perhaps an effect of the adenoma.

"FREE T3: 5.9 -> 2.6 - 5.7 pmol/L "
This would make you hyper.

T levels are high. Please describe protocol at that time and timing of labs relative to prior injection.

E2 is insane. You need anastrozole to manage that.

We also have to be concerned that E2 can be high because of impaired clearance by the liver and the AST/ALT labs are of interest.

Are you getting new labs or looking up old ones? It would be helpful to have all lab data posted.


Have you considered that you may have an eating disorder and that it may be contributing to your problems? If that’s truly your daily diet, it raises a variety of concerns.


This pissed me off.
Idiot doctors.

You really need anti E and possibly cabergoine if the adenoma is secreting prolactin, that causes gyno if not treated.

Recommend Nolva like KS mentioned. That could stimulate LH and FSH. That along with T and DHEA can be virilizing.

If not HCG is the next big thing, but only gives LH imitation.

Asymmetry of thyroid demands a thyroid ultrasound. Do you have TPO antibodies?


Doctor said he has never administered HCG injections for a case like mine. He does not know the long term effects therefore he doesn’t want to prescribe them…time to find a new doctor I guess.

He did prescribe apo-tamox tamoxifen citrate 10mg every 2 days, is that enough to lower e2? Especially the levels that I have? How long would it take for it to show some sort of results? Also would it help me with the weight loss? I have been dieting and exercising and have lost a bit of weight, sitting at 195 right now.

I have been self injecting t every other day and have lowered my dosage after speaking with my doctor because 1000mg every 2 weeks seems insane. Hopefully once E2 has lowered the T-shots will actually do some good for me.

Temperatures will be up as soon as I get home (in another city atm)

All the labs that have been posted have been current. Every new post has up to date levels unless stated otherwise.


Ask doc if he knows the long term consequences of TRT induced LH levels of zero.


Can you smell things and taste food. And give ur watsup number m indian too. Hope can help you


Hi guys,

So I’ve been mia but am back with my temps. Basically I’ve taken them every morning and they range between 94.2 and 96.1.

Since taking 800mg of t every 2 weeks and tamoxifen every 2 days, I’ve noticed a little bit of chest hair growing in but that’s about it. Still very thin and barely noticeable.

I’ve seen another endo and he suggested (more like told me) that I should stop taking tamoxifen-citrate and lower my t-shots to 200mg every 2 weeks. So being logical I didn’t stop the tamoxifen but I did lower my injections.

The outcome is messed up. My strength has drastically decreased to the point where I’m struggling to do one push-up. Not that I could do many anyway but going from at least 25 to 1 is ridiculous.

I’ve been going to the gym every other day working with a trainer and dietitian (Dr poon) to help with weight loss. So far I’ve dropped my weight to 182 lbs (starting at 223) but I still feel horrible when it comes to energy and strength. There have been days where I can barely bench 15lbs.

My arms constantly get covered in red bumps accompanied by hot flashes when I’m working out or feeling really hot and nobody seems to know why.

Thanks for the help, it’s much appreciated.



Hi guys,

So I’ve been mia but am back with my temps. Basically I’ve taken them every morning and they range between 94.2 and 96.1.

Since taking 800mg of t every 2 weeks and tamoxifen every 2 days, I’ve noticed a little bit of chest hair growing in but that’s about it. Still very thin and barely noticeable.

I’ve seen another endo and he suggested (more like told me) that I should stop taking tamoxifen-citrate and lower my t-shots to 200mg every 2 weeks. So being logical I didn’t stop the tamoxifen but I did lower my injections.

The outcome is messed up. My strength has drastically decreased to the point where I’m struggling to do one push-up. Not that I could do many anyway but going from at least 25 to 1 is ridiculous.

I’ve been going to the gym every other day working with a trainer and dietitian (Dr poon) to help with weight loss. So far I’ve dropped my weight to 182 lbs (starting at 223) but I still feel horrible when it comes to energy and strength. There have been days where I can barely bench 15lbs.

My arms constantly get covered in red bumps accompanied by hot flashes when I’m working out or feeling really hot and nobody seems to know why.

Thanks for the help, it’s much appreciated.



Hi guys,

So I have an update on things and was hoping to get some assistance.

I started HCG injections, 500iu along with tamoxifen 3 times a week. I currently inject testosterone 200mg every two weeks. I inject twice a week.

Although I’ve been on this treatment I still find it very difficult to concentrate on work and frequently have very low energy. I’ve been losing weight (now at 171 lbs) but still have very wide hips and chest fat. Is there to lose the female fat pattern? Are my previous high estrogen levels causing the testosterone to be less effective?

I am very confused in regards to my health and haven’t found a doctor who can give me a decent answer to any of my questions.

I’d really appreciate some sort of information on what I should be doing as I have lost faith in all of these idiotic doctors I’ve been seeing.




Have you gotten blood work to test your E2 levels recently? Are you on anastrozole yet?


I’m not on anastrozle but am on tamoxifen. Hopefully I’ll go for another e2 test sometime next week and will post it up.


I’m 22 and honestly could barely grow facial hair until this past year. I would shave once ever like 3 weeks and barely had a problem. I was definitely a late bloomer and in fact also had pretty bad gyno from puberty until I had it removed which was a couple months ago. Do you have gyno?

I was always very feminine in terms of my body type very thin lots of fat around hips + gyno and honestly until I did my first cycle of test this year my natural blood test showed high high levels of prolactin (which also explained my panic attacks/severe anxiety growing up) I now actually feel way better when I run test versus cycling off especially with my mental stability, I feel like i’ve always had low test.

Moral of the story, it’s probably a genetic abnormality causing prolac e2 to have been high enough while u were growing up to suppress your test enough to delay any puberty

Im sorry you had to go through all this and would love to hear how things continue to go in the future.


Standard protocol suggested by me:
100mg T cyp/eth per week, self injected twice a week or EOD
250iu hCG EOD - more causes problems, expensive and stupid
1mg anastrozole per week in EOD doses

Can you do this?