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19 Year Old Strength Athlete


Allright here it is. I'm 19, been reading/posting on T-Nation for a few years now and figured it was time to put a few pictures up in this section.
Currently, I'm training to be as strong as possible, I don't know what my bodyfat is, but I'm happy with it. Here they are:



Legs (Post Surgery 2.5 months ago)




Another Leg (sorry the pic's are sort of low quality)


I gave you a 7. How long have you been training?


Probably 4 years consistently.


Thick man..

Great Job!


Here is a better one of the back...Might get some more of the front soon.


Dude, you could so MMF with me.


lets hear some numbers man! military press? squat? deadlift? bench? tricep kickback?


Hehe you are where I want to be, four years ago...Stats? Training? Really good job btw! Killer legs to..


I'm astonished... finally, people who look like they lift in RMP! Nice lean back in particular; last pic looks kind of freaky!


Yah this is like the 6th legit RMP in a row now, hallelujah!

Solid OP.


Awesome build and size for your age.

But the only thing I can see right now from your pics is that your legs are lacking from your upper body.

When I'm talking about lacking, your legs lacking tan!

Just great overall.. So lets have it, lift stats!


Thank you for the feedback.
For Mac and Asoss (who asked) and others, here are my stats:
BF % 8-11 % depending on weight/day lol
Bench Press - 365
Deadlift - 605
Squat - 475
Push-Press - 275
Triceps Kickback - HAH, honestly don't think I've ever done one.

Oh and Mac, what is MMF? Idk if I'm just too thick headed, but I'm not sure what it is.


YES! Maybe the mods are stepping it up a little bit :slight_smile:

And I'll give you a solid 8 on the physique.


LMAO @ the last one. :wink:


(Oh, it's time to work my ass at the gym.)

Amazing job!


Do you work shirtless? As mentioned above the only thing lacking is your tan on your legs!

Awesome physique!!!!


What surgery did you have?


Thanks for the comments guys!
To jchenky, I do work with my shirt off. I am a lifeguard/swim instructor for a day camp so my shirt is off pretty much 6-7 hours a day.

To therizza, I had a defect where my knee was permemnantly dislocated and it did dislocate 25+ times throughout high school playing football. Long story short, they had to reposition the knee cap and break my tibia. I have no cartalige and am just now returning to doing serious leg training (within the past 6 months).