19 Year Old Powerlifter


Im an 19 years old guy 200lbs 5’8
Bench 285lbs
Squat 485lbs with wraps.
Deadlift 530
Im rated 2nd in Israel, i still have no idea how my last lift got 2 red and 1 white, but that was okay as the meet was Push&Pull only and it was my first meet.
Im thinking of participating in Europe open powerlifting competition In decemeber ( on 7th may im turning 19 )which is in 2 days.

Now, i’ve asked before about steroid use and most of you was against and i understand your point of view as i can hurt my self more than i can get a benefit, I’ve never used steroid and was against it totally till mind 20’s but now as im participating in a national level I’m thinking to run something that can push me up and increase my lifts.
My diet is in check, 600 surplus right now eating about 3200 calorie a day, i dont drink alcohol ( 1-2 times a month only and its a few bottles of beer ), I’ve never smoked in my life and i work at a supplement store so i can eat every 3 hours.

A trainer i know Suggested the use of Anavar, I’ve read that its “Mild” but at 50mg i guess it will shut me down, I’ve searched in alot of fourms, studies and all, Test E first cycle was the most recommended with the right PCT.
Now money is not a problem for me if you are considering an expensive compound so im ready to here suggestions and if the Test or anykind of steroids will shut my growth plates, do you recommend to visit the doctor and to ask him for a X ray photo to see where my growth plates are at?

Thanks all i really appreciate your help!

Well, I’m not gonna comment on gear use because I am not experienced in terms of that but what I will do, is comment on your numbers.

I don’t want to be a dick or anything but your numbers are far from competitive at the international level and I’ve no idea how you’re “rated 2nd in Israel” but I suggest you do more research into training.


First of all i appreciate your honesty , i really prefer to listen to giys like you than listening to guys who tell me im good enough and motivate me to participate and if so, i think in Israel 90% of the competitors are bench press slaves with chicken legs so…
Thanks again

Yup, that’s what you’ll get over here at T-Nation, the truth(usually). As for the advice on gear, I’m sure someone experienced and knowledgeable will come along and offer you some advice soon enough.

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Never used not experienced but uh 19 seems pretty young to be using and throwing added T and other things into a system that isn’t even completely out of puberty yet

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Your numbers aren’t terrible, and they’re not great. As Ben suggested, your numbers aren’t remotely internationally competitive. There are literally thousands of men in the US who can put up those same numbers at the same bodyweight. A wrapped total of 1300 in the 198 class is VERY average. For comparison, I did a meet in the 181 class (a weight class below what you would be in), and hit a 1480 total, UNWRAPPED. And that just put me in the top 40 lifters in my weight class. If you added 200 lbs to your total, without gaining any bodyweight, you’d be better, but still not that great.

My point in all of this is that steroids will not do enough for you to be competitive internationally, if you’re at your natural ceiling. Just something to consider. A test E cycle at around 500mg per week is an ideal first cycle if you end up going this route, but just be aware of what you should expect to get out of it, and how that relates to your goals. If you think being a good but not great lifter is worth using steroids to achieve, go for it. If not, reconsider.

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Well mate those are some goood numbers but i forgot to say that im turning 19 yo in 2 days, I dont know how old are you but im still in Category Teen 3.
Do you recommend running a test e cycle for 6 weeks in october if i planned to participate? maybe with some dbol first 3 weeks?

Doesn’t matter. Nobody gives a shit about ‘Category teen’. You won’t care in 5 years. All that matters is your lifting numbers and your bodyweight. Trust me man. You’ll learn this eventually.

And no I do not recommend a 6 week test e cycle. A test e cycle should be at least 10 weeks in my opinion to be effective and worthwhile. Where did you get the idea of 6 weeks?

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Because im 19…
I have no problem if injecting all year round lol.
Jk, im moving to Munich in June and ill start the cycle in septmeber, if you can please send me a complete cycle with the pct it would be great, if not i can search every forum i know.
Thanks agan

what does your age have to do with the length of the cycle? The drugs will take the same amount of time to be effective whether you’re 19 or you’re 80.

Here’s why I think a slightly longer cycle makes a big difference: You will get NOTHING out of the first 2 weeks of your cycle. It takes time for test E to build up in your system to an effective level. It could even take 3 weeks before you really start reacting to it. That leaves 3 more weeks of workouts to get the most out of your cycle. Then you’ve gotta follow that up with 4 or more weeks of PCT/recovery. Then you won’t run another cycle for at least 6 weeks after that. A 6 week long cycle is not sufficient to produce gains that will last through that period of time. By the time you reach your second cycle, you’ll be back where you started.

There are PLENTY of examples to read on this site that detail how to run a beginner cycle of test E. Just read a few threads and you’ll understand what to do. The only thing i have to add is RUN AN AI THE ENTIRE CYCLE. Don’t just have it on hand.

I will man thanks alot!

Dude. I built a 355 bench, 685 dl, and 640 sq raw only belt… with LOW testosterone. I’m 5’7 195 . You have a long way to go

At 19 you need to seriously reconsider your long-term strength development if you intent to compete for awhile.

Dave Tate says never play your ace card (steroids) until you have exhausted your genetic potential

Nobody can talk you out of cycling but you still have a lot of strength you need to develop naturally first.

I guess i have low Testosterone too…
Im cutting fat now i will get back to 180-185lbs then lean bulk till 200lbs again , thats where im thinking of hitting the cycle!
My bench always seem to be stuck.

Judging from this and the other posts you’ve created since joining T-Nation, I’m just gonna call you out on it. You’re full of shit. Do whatever the hell you want, all the previous advices given to you have fallen on deaf ears anyways, I doubt this’ll be any different.

Call me what you want, I’ve been training hard for the last 2 years and dieting hard, and seeing a really slow progress that some of the people here suggested to use pct therapy as the cycle to boost my test levels and i didn’t i prefer to ask as much as i can and not do something foolish, if thats what you say, i think you should focus on other posts and not to waste your time on some one thats “You’re full of shit”.

If you suspect you have low T, go see a doctor.

Even if you use drugs, you will plateau at a slightly higher level. What are you going to do? Keep increasing dosages? You would be better served building a foundation of experience and knowledge so you know how to get past plateaus and continuously progress before starting to use.

This was posted exactly 24 days ago.

This was part of your post.

This was the first comment which also happens to have 4 upvotes(including mine) given to it. Even till now, it seems to me that you’ve totally ignored the advice and you’ve decided to go the “additional supplementation” route in the hopes of getting more results.

In all honesty, if money ain’t an issue for you, hire a coach. A in real life coach if possible, not an off the internet coach. He’ll advice you on EVERYTHING.

Now, do I seem like a dick? Possibly. Am I in any ways qualified to say this to you? Nope but there’s the beautiful thing about the internet isn’t it? Anyone can say whatever the hell they want. If you are really as serious as you claim to be and money isn’t an issue, I see no reason why you shouldn’t hire a coach.


helluva post there Ben

Well, what can I say, I’m learning from the best. You and @flipcollar throwing out the blunt unfiltered truth left and right and I’ve certainly been taking notes.


I like how people these days hit a spot of slow progression and suddenly “oh I must have low T” if this is your first train of thought OP then it is low T in the form of a vagina