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19 Year Old on a Refeed Diet?

Hi comrades, i decided to cut down some lard on my stomach, I know it’s somewhat late but my body responds extremely fast to minor changes so I do not think I will have problems dropping the extra pounds. I was wondering what is the most effective regime for dropping the weight?

I heard the refeed diet is effective in doing so, it makes sense your body glycogen is low for 3 days and then you suddenly feed it with carbs and causes rapid increase in the insulin and blah blah blah. Right now i am taking shit loads of Fish Oil and soon CLA.

It would be greatly appreciated if someone could point me in the direction of the Refeed diet, I lost the link. I have attached picture to give an idea of my body type and overall physique i know it’s not a good pic but it should do the trick.

Carbs are not bad for you. Eat less energy then you use and you will drop weight.
Cutting carbs will make you drop weight, but it ain’t fat you are losing. It’s water weight.

Both carbs and protein causes equal insulin respons, btw.

Try “Game Over” by Chuck Rudolph. It is a refeed diet that took me from 9%bf to 5.5 and i’m only half finished with the diet. It is also free because it is basically a supp. add but it works with or without supps. BTW I lost very little muscle.

Compressiceps is there a link to the “Game over” diet? I can’t seem to find it.

cutdiet.com” I actually found the book at a local Max Muscle, But its available pdf @ this site or for the cost of shipping and handeling you can get the book.