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19 Year Old Natural


Hey Lads Looking for some physique critique and advice, I want to try pursue bodybuilding but I know most plays down to genetics, Need some advice on whether I have what it takes, what to work on, currently thinking or breaking the natural status in the winter if people think I should compete!

I only have upper body photos, suffered a pretty bad leg break a year ago (Kevin Ware Style) so my legs are lacking, took up the gym serious after the injury as I was a basketball player myself! Im not 100 percent on diet, usually do IIFYM (eat whatevers at home) because Im broke and a student! Train pretty hard, Got a bench press max of 120, deadlift 190, squat im only currently working my way back into, have an IM rod in my tibia so Im afraid to go to heavy with it yet.
Body stats Im 6'4 at 97 kg at the moment!


You won't ever know if you have what it takes until you try. I will say your height is going to badly work against you and you will need to put on some weight for sure.


Agree with this. You're looking pretty good so far especially for being natty, but if you want to compete you're definitely going to need to put on some size. The good thing, at least from what I've observed, is that even though shorter bodybuilders have an easier time of things tall lifters can often look better once they do get to a good size, although it definitely takes a while to get to that point. If you've got the patience and the dedication I don't see why you couldn't.


Ta aon gaeilge agat?

You look very good, from the one picture provided. Lean, definitely have some muscle, but you need to get a LOT bigger. As people have said, 6' 4" is both a blessing and a curse - you really need to put on a lot of size in order to be competitive, but once you fill out you will look big and impressive. I would say most top guys at that height compete at a weight of like 265-285 though so you have a lot of weight to gain.

My advice would be to hold off on the steroids longer than the winter - you've played a sport that involved so much running for so long, and as you said yourself, you don;t even really have your food sorted out completely. Before you spend the money on drugs, spend it on making sure you have TONS of healthy food, and make sure you are meticulous about eating plenty.

That, in combination with just good old hard, heavy lifting in the gym without all the running, will probably result in great gains for at least a year or two. If you're serious about bodybuilding, the drugs are inevitable but you seem like a young guy, you don't need to rush into that until you have built a REALLY solid foundation without them.

Bauber, for example, is a good 5 inches shorter than you, and in his RMP thread he puts up pics of him at 20-25 lbs heavier than you before he started using. So you have quite a bit of size you can put on naturally.

Also, if you put up more pics we will be able to tell you more. Nobody cares if your legs look sad when youve just had a bad injury, but it would be good to see them anyway, along with back, front, maybe some poses.


Don't take steroids at 19...


Stay away from the juice kid, way too young.. I waited til at least 25, and this was after i hit my natural potential first..you could still make alot of gains naturally, just keep it up


I'd focus on dialing it your diet first. Youll be able to make alot of gains by just dieting properly and working your ass off during your training. I agree with everyone else on the roids though, you're way to young to be messing with them yet


Honestly, for those who have aspirations of competing in bodybuilding but don't have great genetics, shape, etc, I think using steroids is a mistake. The reason I say this is because it will greatly limit the goals you can set for yourself. If you take the plunge to assisted training, you will forfeit the right to compete in natty federations and lose the chance to chase a pro card in those federations.

Sure, you could go pro in an untested federation, but the odds of this are pretty slim for someone without the genetics for the sport, as you will be squaring off against some absolute beasts. That said, there are plenty of incredible physiques in natty bb'ing (Stu anyone??), but the level playing field is much more conducive to stringing together years of progress in the hopes of winning a pro card


Very true here. Untested even at local amateur levels have some absolute monsters.


I agree with all the above, I am also 19 and currently around 195 but I am only 6'0 I am aspiring to bodybuild as well but man it takes some serious eating for us taller guys to grow serious muscle. At 6'4 your gonna have to put on a lot of mass man, like 280+ on stage ! All the best man, and I would say hold off on the gear


He's never gonna weigh anywhere near 280 lbs on stage...


Not unless he takes bucket of drugs and even then... it is a long shot.


Yes well that was my point, you wanna be a pro bber and 6'4 thats what your gonna need to weigh. Look at the top guys now, big ramy was 297 on stage at the NY pro and hes 5'10....


Not arguing that point with you at all. I am 5'11 and weigh 310 and obviously no where near any of those guys in terms of muscle mass, but you have to be hella big in today's bodybuilding. Even at the amateur level there are monsters.


Exactly man, Btw your a fucking monster! If I had your size/genetics I would be seriously considering a pro BB endeavor! Good work brother!


Thank you good sir. That is my goal and dream an IFBB pro card =D


I'll be watching out for ya!

Good Luck


Probably not the smartest first post for me, but here we go.

How on earth are you hoping to pay for the monthly drugs and increased need of calories if you currently have issues getting enough calories to stay out of the DYEL zone?

Wait till your legs heal and your mainlifts atleast triple. By then you'll be old enough to make them decisions.