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19 Year Old Ectomorph


well this will be my first time posting anything on here so i guess I should say hello to all the current members, i have learned alot while filtering through some of the posts.

Question: I'm a 19 year old ectomorph currently overseas in the military, my goal is to be a lean 185lbs at 5"9 1/2 by next year. When I started out in december I was 152 and pretty ripped. I've started working out and eating as much as possible. I was told to eat anything and everything I could and it worked as I am now about 170lbs. Which may not sound to impressive but I am a hard gainer.

My question is that I eat everything, healthy and unhealthy trying to get as many calories as possible. I am curious whether it would be better to continue eating donuts and other junk food so I can reach 4000 calories, or would it be better to eat healthier foods but not get soo many calories.

I've tried to eat healthy and still get 4000 calories but just don't have the time. i work 13 hour days and don't really look forward to coming home and cooking steak and veggies, but will down a tv dinner and a protein shake. Any thoughts. I am currently on NO2 hemodilator stacked with CE2 creatine, L-Glutamine, and will soon be takin fish oil, are there any other supplements that are good for someone my age??


I think the answer to your question is going to be based on your results. If you aren't packing on the fat, then it's working great.


I dunno if it were me I'd drop everything but the fish oil and the creatine and as far as the creatine just get plain jane stuff. Its best to learn how to eat properly and see how your body best responds before you spend any money on supplements.

A good Multi

A decent MRP:my faves Metabolic Drive,Muscle Milk and Evopro

Surge: Not absolutely a must but a damn good product

Fish Oil:If you not gonna use Flameout I would use Salmon Oil over your common fishoil

BTW I don't buy the can't eat clean bullshit. I'm not a big fan of the "HAVE to eat clean 100% of the time when trying to gain size" but there are limits and I would cut them off at a TV dinner. I'm not even sure those things should be considered real food. Your better off grabbing a burger on the way home with a salad and water.

There are a ton of people here who work fulltime,go to school full time and eat clean. I myself work 40+ a week(atleast untill the summer) and I'm taking 15 credits this semmester.I also volunteer at a local hospital.Your just making an excuse for being lazy.A good way to do it is on your day off cook up a whole bunch of food and then your set for the rest of the week.


I'm 19, I'm an ecto/meso mix, mostly ecto.

I eat everything I can. I eat fast food often and I put on a pretty fair amount of muscle mass in comparison to the crap I eat.

I eat a lot of quality veggies/fruits/meats too but I get a lot of pure calories from junk.

I'm also a powerlifter so I get away with eating this way under that guise.

But as long as you're not laying down fat I don't see a problem. Make sure you're not completely neglecting the veggies/fruits though. I think they help me feel good over all.


I hate labels...with a passion. If you gain 20lbs in 3 months, you are not a hardgainer. Quit limiting yourself by even thinking like that. The majority of the people using these labels are NOT what they call themselves.


Point taken but the reason I have labeled myself a hard gainer is prior to this i worked out all throughout highschool. I began weighing about 150 and weighed 152 after about 2 years of lifting, and then I stopped lifting and maintained my 152lb frame, so I basically gained only 2lbs which probably wasn't even muscle otherwise I would have lost it after I stopped working out. I gained alot of strength but no size, I was benching 230 senior year and began benching like 160 or something ridiculously low. But to be honest I had a horrible diet so perhaps thats why I wasn't gaining mass.

Knarf: thanks for the advice, I will fully admit that it is partially due to laziness that I don't want to cook but I will try your idea on makin alot of food to last the week. I actually used to do that with Tuna, then I learned about mercury poisoning and that went out the window. I am takin "one-a-day" multivitamin. Is that a good vitamin for lifters???


You weren't eating enough. Big fucking deal. You not doing what you need to do does not make you a "hardgainer". It makes you someone who is not doing what you need to do.


Well then allow me to set the record straight, I am not a hard gainer, i am an average gainer who was doing all the wrong things and expected results. How is that???

KNarf, out of all the supplements I take creatine has probably had the least amount of affect, I began taking it after I had already gained most of my weight and haven't really noticed a big difference since I started taking it, i'm a little more than half way through with the bottle. Maybe I'll see some results when I finish it. I am very please with NO2 hemodilator tabs. I really felt the difference after takin those for about a month and a half.


You stated that with beautiful simplicity, Professor X. Haha...

And to the dude who started the thread: you are risking getting flamed, because it is generally accepted here that NO2 has NO effect (search for NO2 in the articles). It's very possible that it's all in your head.

Anyway don't worry about the creatine, just keep taking it, it's cheap and it definitely helps recovery. I don't feel like it makes my lifts go up 5-10%, but I feel like it's worth 13 cents a serving to speed recovery. You really only need 5g PWO, never on off days, and no loading phase.

I'd recommend Surge, definitely, and get Carbolin 19 instead of NO2 if you want more, I've been using it and I'm pleased with the results.

And I didn't quite understand the part where you said you suddenly went from benching 230 to 160...


No It was not sudden when i first started training while in highschool i was benching like 160 then got is up to 230lbs. It was not sudden at all, i worked on my chest hard to get it up there. My goal was to bench 225lbs and i reached it.


i recommend adding 500g of almonds, cashews, and walnuts to your diet. that's just about the amount that fits in a redman pouch. easy to carry/eat all day.


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Thanx I'll try the whole nut thing.

And by the way it's all about the Angels!!!


I eat 4000 cal / day on nothing but clean foods (and Surge), and it's not easy, but can be done. I budget 40 minutes every morning before school to cook and pack my food for the day. I lug around a backpack which is filled with meat, fruit, and nuts everywhere I go so I can eat right anytime and often. I used to cook once every 3 days for about 80 mins, but the meat got too dry by the 2nd day, and it was just bad the 3rd from being in the fridge, so I cook daily now.

About the nuts, they're huge for me. My current breakdown is 1400cal from protein, 1600cal from carbs, and 1000cal from nuts. I buy almonds, cashews, some peanuts, and walnuts and shake up up all together in a large bin. It costs about $40/week and it's well worth it. Also, though occasional, I'll have a protein shake. Just have a couple cups of milk, a couple scoops of your protein powder, and many spoonfulls of your favorite extra virgin olive oil. You can have a thick, tasty, and calorie packed shake quickly and easily.

Best of luck... in the long run, you'll need to become clean eventually... despite the ridiculous amount of food it equates to. The sooner you learn to eat big and clean, the better!


hahaha ! blue j's ...good one.