19 Year Old Bodybuilder Starting a Cycle

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I would say a cycle at 19 is very irresponsible. I commend your enthusiasm and desire to progress, but your body is still growing and changing. [/quote]

I suppose you are right, but don’t you agree drugs/alcohol at 19 is just as irresponsible?

I’m much more developed mentally and physically than the other young guys on here who have done a cycle. I am trying to bring my physique to a state/national level, my trainer thinks i do have the genetics to get as far as other guys like antoine vaillaint/ Nick Medici etc.

But i do appreciate the concern for younger guys that want to jump into this kinda stuff.

I’m Nick Medici’s neighbor and i know their family pretty well… im just saying if your kind of following what Medici does then it is kind of stupid… from what i know the kid drinks while doing orals, smokes pot and eats mcdonalds for like every meal in the offseason so just saying don’t be following what he does and yes he started the roids at i believe 18[/quote]

I really wouldn’t go around talking shit about people you really dont know. This kid hasn’t said anything about drinking, smoking, and he’s stated his diet already… its not mcdonalds. If you wouldn’t say that shit to Nick’s face then keep your mouth shut. Nothing you said was really relevant to the topic. I can guarantee that Nick trains harder than you, don’t defame someone who worked so hard to get to where they are.

Hi. I’m Ali. Right now I’m 19 too and I’ve started lifting continually since September and I had experience before it around 5 months. My coach is ifbb pro and asking me to take testosterone as well. I want my self to be oky and looks good but I really afraid of the sides effect at my age. I want to know how was your cycle? Did you notice any sides effect? I’ll appreciate if you help me too to understand are these effects for real or its just personal experiencE and how really they are.
Thank you

dont mind me, im just here to see OP’s physique pictures. Stats seem too good to be true, but i hope they arent :slight_smile:

You all understand this was posted about 6 years ago, right?