19 Year Old, 90 Day Transformation

did bro splits for the first 60 days and now switched PPL and kind of struggling a little.
also my benchpress is really weak and I have a issue with my right shoulder posture, rate me and let me know how i could improve


Looking good, you’re well on your way. Just keep training hard, and be patient.


Yup, what @EyeDentist said - nothing to do but keep lifting and growing.


My back shrinked a little recently since I stopped doing 40 pull ups everyday and my program became a little complicated from PPL, used jeff nippards science based one on YT, now I’m trying to use the one my Christianthib’s - best workout plan for naturals pt 2.

Also my bench is really weak, like 32kgs is my max, how do I improve it?
Also for asthethics, I wanna focus more on mu shoulders since they give a better look when I put my shirts on. I don’t mind not being lean.
I got 8.7 for fat when I used a machine

But my legs are strong, can lift around 130 kgs , but then again I’ve had experience in roller skating and soccer since I was 11. So yeah

Also I have no idea how to progressive overload weights properly, like how often should I increase my weights, sets etc.

Why are you benching? Do you want a big chest or do you want to be strong?

If you want a bigger bench you need to do some lower range rep work and avoid failure, and maybe train it 2x a week. If you want a bigger chest, and that’s why you’re benching, then either incline Bench, decline bench, or - and this is my preferred choice - use dumbbells.

There are a couple methods. If you’re looking to progress in weight and strength, do 5/3/1.

If you want something simpler that can get you size and mesh with more bodybuilding-ish goals, do the 8-12-8 method.

Both work. You need to eat too, just don’t “bulk”.

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Yes I’m training everything 2x a week now but I wanna build strength for a while and then hop to getting a bigger chest. Thanks for the info, saw some tnation vids on how different limbsize makes certain exercises more/ less effective and decided to make tweaks accordingly

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Get your nutrition in order.
It’s my number 1 tip.

If your bench is weak there are hundreds of programmes to help build it / build your pecs. But all require you to eat plenty of food and protein.

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Finish the program/do for a few more weeks, then evaluate. -Thibs stuff works.
Then if llike that style of training and high frequency etc move on to this…

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Yes i absolutely love high frequency and want to hit my goals for physique by the time im 21-22, i don’t like looking too big, I like much more lean, Adam levine/ Conor mcgregor style look and i have no intentions of taking any shortcuts/substances. I plan on gaining 10kgs by next birthday and im okay with going to 10-12 percent body fat.

The thing is, the difference between the Adam Levine/Conor McGregor look and being “big” is…time. You just do it for longer if you want to be bigger.

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yes i intend to put in the time and work, im in my second year of uni and i’ve got a bunch of mates that are really passionate and hit the gym regularly. i’ll be happy if im there halfway by the time i’m outta uni

Is this the amount of weight you have on the bar? If so, your max is 52kg