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19 y/o With Low Test?


Okay, got some routine bloodwork back and saw that my serum test level was 17.7 nmol/l. That seemed a little low to me [based on the reference range of 11-37 for an adult male].
I've got an appointment booked with my doc in 12 days time to talk over the results, but wanted some idea of what to say, what to ask for and what treatments I should be pushing/rejecting since I'm obviously a LOT younger than the average patient complaining of low test.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


17.7 nmol/l is 510ng/ml; which is average and no where close to needing TRT. With a better diet and consistent workout routine you could probably increase that level.


Ah, my mistake - though the reference ranges still makes it sound off..
For about three months prior to the test I was working out three days a week, HIIT on an off day and a few games of football [the English sort] during the week. Diet was also sparkly clean, high p+f, low carbs.

Also, when you say average, do you mean for an adult, or a teenager?
Cheers Asdf.


You're 19. Your T level should be at the top of the scale, not the middle.
After all the time I have been a member of this site, I am still amazed when people say working out "like this or like that" will raise your testosterone levels. Okay; exercise will raise your T levels for about an hour after exercise, but not for the "rest of your life". That statement just isn't true.
I do agree eating a better balanced diet will do more for T levels 24/7, than any particular style of lifting.
How much bodyfat do you carry, and what are your pre and post workout eating habits? These are questions that need to be answered.
You didn't post SHBG, LH, FSH, FT, FT% or E2 numbers. Do you have them?

cheers m8


I would like to see the rest of your Thyroid numbers as anything above 2.0 TSH (according to my doctor) means thyroid may be getting troublesome... And since you say you carry fat in hips and butt (basically) you may be working on an E2 problem; that could explain the lower than "average" T number.
The enzyme that converts T to E2 is not only stored in body fat, but most often in the belly, butt and hips as far as we know.

Get your doc to run the "extra sensitive" E2 test as soon as possible. You may find the addition of a natural or "stronger" aromitase inhibitor will not only raise your T numbers, but also improve your quality of life.
A man your age should wake up every morning with a blue steel woodie so hard you could beat a bear to death with it. Lack of obnoxious morning woodies usually means the ratio of T to E2 is off, because the E2 is too high.

Just because you don't have man boobs, doesn't mean you don't have E2 issues.


Do not run the ultasensitive e2 as there are having readings all over the place. It has me <2 and then all of sudden are changing my adex based on this I started having bad e2 symptoms. I re ran the sensitive e2 13-54 and it came out 41. I was like WTF. Looking at thyroid >2 or better 1.5 is a better indicator when you factor in 20% of hypothyroid have antibodies.
Your goal for thyroid is tsh 1.5 and mid range free and total levels with out antibodies present. If you still feel like crap look to the adrenal saliva profile which I have all patients run before implementing and kind of TRT and thyroid medicine. TRT is implemented in people over age of 30 then adrenals and thyroid adjusted accordingly. People <30 the cause of the issue is located and addressed. While focusing on adrenals and thyroid if secondary a restart is intiated back filling the hole with proper minerals for testosterone production.


What is your sleep like? How many hours per night??