19 Y/O Shutdown

Alright, I’ll try to find the one I had read when I get home. Been taking vit d for maybe a month now.

Thr supplements were from muscletech, but I had bought them from Taobao (Chinese version of ebay/amazon) and stupidly didn’t check its genuinely.
I’m pretty sure it was the cause for all this. Never had any problems with depression or anxiety in my life.

All this problems were indeed psychological.
It was a crazy and harsh journey, suffered from depersonalization and anxiety cause I was constantly worried about my libido and always looking for a “cure”.
Thanks for everyone who was there to help.
The human mind is crazyyyy.


You were right. It was anxiety :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. Anxiety is a dangerous thing, degrading and also ruins your trust in things. Glad your found your answer in the end so you can work on this.

Good luck

Just another case of psychiatric troubles mistaken for a physiological anomaly. Hints :

  • Starts with “I feel …”
  • Contains “I think… but…”
  • Adds some off-context biological parameters
  • Then disappears for years

Great that the OP has returned to give feedback on what was the cause. I do think that this should make some people realize that we aren’t doctors, we don’t have anywhere near the facts and we should base our advice on their own situations first, and state that fact.
Then offer advice on what we have read on forums, and state it is just that.

As to the often state fact that doctors don’t know/care etc I would hesitantly suggest that if a doctor had suggested what some people above were thinking we could definitely state they don’t know enough to be offering advice.

If a doctor see’s (maybe) 100 people a week , I’d suggest that maybe 98 of those people will be very similar in their needed treatment, after all we are similar and most of the differences are unlikely to be major physiological differences but lifestyle issues that can be addressed at the personal level.
1 person may be an actual outlier, someone who really does need very specialist treatment and may easily be missed when you have 99 other people all needing attention and your training isn’t geared that way.

(I’m going to say from reading forums that the other patient, number 100 is a hypochondriac. A recognized medical condition, obviously needing as much care and attention as any of us, but imagine being their doctor?
How pissed off would I be dealing with someone I know isn’t necessarily ill but thinks they are, and they think I’m an idiot because I don’t see it…)
(Edit for typo).

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I agree with that! That 100th patient is either hypochondriac or has a rare real physiological disorder that made him hypochondriac, because he had spent so much time thinking/searching for a diagnosis.
Anyways, we would never be in a position to cure that.

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