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19 Y/O Shutdown

So I really hope someone has time to help me because I got in a pretty shitty situation that could have happened to anybody.
I’ve been a professional volleyball player from Austria for 3 years, but decided to make 2 semesters of uni in Beijing. And there I obviously continued playing volleyball (did weightlifting but wasn’t intrested in bodybuilding) but still took supplements to help recovery and be ready for volleyball training. Sadly I think (pretty sure now) I got my hands on fake supplements cut with PH.
After 2 weeks of use I felt something was wrong with it so I stopped using it. I was feeling stronger and my muscles were tighter. Simply a feeling I haven’t felt before and because of that I decided to stop using all supplememts I started using in China.
2-3 days later after stopping using I started feeling no energy or motivation at all. My libido levels were gone and I got testicular athropy.
Because of all that I started doing reasearch and came accros clomid.
I don’t want to start trt because I’m only 19 and just want to start my HPTA.
I’m also afraid of using HCG because I heard it could further suppress my natural testosterone production and inhibit recovery.
I used 6 weeks of clomid 25mg/ED but ditched it 1 months ago so I could have bloodwork done. From then all I’m taking is Vit D, Vite E, ZMA and fish oil.
My energy levels are better but not how it used to be. Libido still very low and atrophy still noticeble as well. Testies now are more dropped than tight how it used to be some months ago. Also a little firmer and fuller but not how it used to be (yet, I hope).
I never had the intention to take any steroids in my life and would never have done it, but now here I am stuck in this shitty situation, I really hope somone can help.

The results of my bloodwork (got it today) are:

FSH 1.2 U/l 0.95 - 11-95
LH 3.04 mIE/ml 0.57 - 12.07
Prolactin 6.9 ng/ml 3.46 - 19.40
Testosterone 14.49 ng/ml 1.42 - 9.23
serum dilution 1:10

I’ll be getting my results for free test next week and I hope e2 is included.

I’ll be back to my endo on the 28th (but I really don’t think he’s got enough experience with aas).
So I’m here and would be very happy with some help. Thanks!

You are off the chart for test, so I doubt that is your issue. 14.49 ng/mL or 1449 ng/dL is a level most men only dream about (it is over the double average for your age).

Wait till you get your e2 results. I would be very surprised if you had low free T with TT that high.

Yeah, the results surprised me since I was expecting the complete opposite.
My guesses would be that either too much test is aromatising into estrogen.
Or my free test is low.

But I really have no experience, these are just guesses after reading tons of other threads, so that’s why I’m here.

Would like to see SHBG, if elevated it could be choking off your free testosterone. If those supplement you took stressed out the liver I would expect to see high SHBG.

Your SHBG is probably insanely high.

How do I lower it?
And can I know for sure that my SHBG is high if my free test turns out to be low?

You cant really. Unless you are taking something that is directly influencing it, like some medications. (long list)

Best hope is to inject enough testosterone that is spills over the top and give you some free test.

Inject testosterone? Like trt? I’m 19

Clomid will raise your SHBG, Nolva also.

Do not inject anything. Work with a good Endocrinologist or a reproductive hormone urologist.

Definitely not planning on injecting anything.
I’ll see my endo very soon.

Shouldn’t my total test start to decrease soon since I stopped the clomid a month ago?
Can’t believe this is actually my normal baseline.

I think it’s amazing you maintained this high t after 4 weeks of stopping. There’s more investigation needed in your case. At least you know your testicles work well.

You really need full labs.

Hopefully Endo will order at least:

Total t
Free t
Free t3
Free t4
Reverse t3
Cortisol am
Lipid panel
CMP (this includes liver enzymes)

A pituitary MRI may be warranted. Always a good idea.

You will get through this.
Btw you 19 . If you need Viagra or Cialis until you figure this stuff out. Take it. It’s ok.

Alright, thanks for the info. I’ll try to get it done. Had a full bloodwork done when I was 17, maybe that will help as well for reference.
Does Viagra and Cialis help with Libido? I can get hard and get the work done, just takes a little longer. Also is there something specific that must be causing the atrophy?

I’ll update when I get the rest of the results.
My topic may not fit completely here but at the moment you all are pretty much the only ones with enough experience to help.

Thank you!!


My free test results came in, e not included.
f test 24.7 pg/ml 5.53 - 28.
Now I’m confused, how am I experiencing low libido, fatigue and atrophy? Could these symptoms be e related?

You need an E2 test. But yes. Low e2 causes fatigue, and libido problems.

High SHBG binds up estradiol


The atrophy?


I’m going to get ba bloodwork tomorrow.
What should I test besides e2 and shbg?