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19 Y/O Progress


this is my old RMP but the photos were somehow poorer than these ones, but feel free to compare if you have the time.

That was 3-4 months ago and this is now. :slight_smile:


recently had a back injury so training has be poor for my back


chest is lacking greatly :confused: can not bring it up








I checked out your old pics and it looks like you've built a little more muscle. About how many calories do you eat a day? I'm wondering if you should start eating a little more. It seems like you have a great metabolism and bumping up your calories would help you add mass faster.

Yes the chest is still weak. I have the same problem so I feel your pain. I would keep trying new things until you find something that works. Don't just accept it as a weak point. Try something new for your chest for 3-4 weeks... if you see no results switch to something else. Sooner or later you'll find something that gives you good progress. For a lot of people the chest is one of those difficult mind-muscle connection muscles. When you're benching make sure your shoulders are rolled back, you're doing a slow negative, and reps in the 6-12 range. You should feel your pecs swelling up about 20 seconds after the set ends.

Other then that this is one of those things where you're just gunna have to take more time lol. Keep us updated every 4 months or so and in 2 years you could be a fucking beast. Don't let the long time period discourage you. Great job so far man you should be proud of yourself!


yeah i think im on the right track, im a PT in the UK so i know a bit even though im young! Its just little things more specific to bodybuilding that i could use help with sometimes! thank you for the comment and advice :slightly_smiling:


Great work man. I'm 6'2" as well, not near as strong or developed. Mind going into more detail on your training and diet?


my general training goes something like this
Mon - Chest + Bi's
Tues - Back + Traps
Wed - Legs (+ calves obv)
Thurs - Shoulders and Tris (often with upper back and traps)
Friday - Chest + calves

Legs and Chest are interchangable in this, same with bi's/tri's and sometimes i do legs split ham/quad on different days
I have also added in some intervals 1-2 times per week and ab training as i no longer really do much sport and this will help to keep me lean

My diet used to be fairly shocking, its now based on a few items - sweet potato, brocolli, spinach, asparagus, brown rice, chicken, fish and eggs - also lots of omega 3s and some peanut butter. i have occassion High GI carb postW/O but usually get it from a powder source.

Meals are usually meat, sweet pot / brown rice, and veg.
Sometimes i like a salad with chicken or tuna pre workout as its quite light.

I take a pre workout (super pump max or Mutants preWO when i need a kick up the back-end and i have just moved from Gaspari MyoFusion onto Kinetica whey. I also have Sci MX Mass when bulking and sizeon intraworkout.
And ZMA before bed. and when i can afford it i like to have ON Casein before bed too, and before long shifts at work.


Awesome work so far. Very quick progress for that time frame.. I wish mine had been anything as quick as that.


thanks man, still going good in training so ill look better in a few months! worked out what my chest responds to so that should pick up a bit