19 Y/O, Need Help with Bloodwork

19 year old male, 6’ 196lbs 11% bodyfat, lifting for 4ish years. been having health issues recently and not happy with how i feel or my bloodwork need some pointers to fixing it or mitigating further issues. if there is anything else (bloodwork numbers other info etc) i can post that is useful let me know.
prolactin 15.1ng/ml
test 600 (they wouldn’t test free)
igf 1 277ng/ml
estradiol <20
fsh 6 mIU/ml
lh 3.3 mIU/ml
tsh 2.467 mcIU/ml
cholesterol 168mg/dl
hdl 51mg/dl
ldl 107mg/dl

I do not like where my prolactin, lh, fsh, and test are at. not sure if this is reasonable or I’m just being paranoid.

Ranges would help since different labs are, well different. But this stands out. You taking anything to lower estrogen?

That’s a problem and also an indication these docs are clueless, most are when it comes to testosterone as someone can have a Total T @ 800 and still have low-T do to an elevation in SHBG which would mean Free T could be in the gutter if the SHBG is high enough.

This is causing your symptoms and normally when Free T is low, estrogen is low along with it. I can’t believe your docs didn’t take issue with this low estrogen, but again sex hormone knowledge in western medicine is seriously lacking among mainstream docs and even the ones you think would be the foremost experts.

yes, raloxifene for gyno, going to be off soon since it has basically quit working. my e2 was at 20 like a month ago and now i don’t know what it is. would be helpful to see how much i tanked it. what is a good range to have my estrogen in?

the fact that they refused to show me my free t and actual e2 is concerning. i feel like i should know what is in my bloodwork.

They refused to check it? Or, they checked it and refused to give you the results?

Your e2 says <20 (assuming pg). I’d bet you don’t have real Raloxifene and have some sort of AI instead

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Healthy adult men are typically 20-35 and obese men 35>.

checked and refused to give me results bc insurance or the doc deemed it “unnecessary”

my e2 started at 20 exact. why would you think my raloxifene is fake or not raloxifene?

You are legally entitled to copies of your records.

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Cos you posted e2 <20 above. If you are using UGL meds, very possible that someone gave you an AI when you asked for Ralox cos they figured it would work just as good and had some on hand. Real SERM wouldn’t lower your e2 at all, would likely raise it in fact. Just my 2c

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yeah i figured the e2 was just a fluke, never considered it was fake. probably not going to buy from that place again.

i know i am but is there any way to acess them without my doctor?

Free Medical Records Request | Free to Print, Save & Download (rocketlawyer.com)

thanks dude I appreciate it.

Sounds like it may have been requested but not actually ran because it was deemed “unnecessary”. I could be wrong but I believe insurance would just deny paying it and foot you the bill. Otherwise they would just deny it being tested at all because either way someone has to pay the lab and no reason for insurance to withhold results from you. More than likely, IMO, is the doc deemed it unnecessary and did not request it to be run. If it truly was tested and the doctor is refusing you the results, run from that doc!

You can go Labcorp’s website and create an account and view any labs that have been run for you there, if that happens to be the lab used. I would imagine other labs would have a similar setup to be used as well to access results.

yeah i need to start doing all my own bloodwork. i was a fool for thinking i would get very far with the avg “doctor”