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19 Y/O Male with 376/40 Test/Est

Hello T-nationites,

I was hoping some of you could review my recently performed blood results. I’m a 19 year old male, so I feel like these numbers should be better. I figured my estrogen levels were high from symptoms of gyno and that my testosterone wasn’t sky high, so I’m not surprised. I do suspect my prolactin levels (untested) are high. I eat rather healthy, keep smoking/alcohol to a minimum, and lift and run a couple times a week, as well as maintain a normal 10% bf. I do have some water/fat retention in the nipple-chest area. Thanks for your advice.

Test Name
Result [Reference Range]

3.06 [0.50-4.30]

438 [110-510]

1.3 [0.8-1.8]

376 [250-1100]

1.97% [1.5-2.2%]

74.2 [35-155]

0.87 [ADULTS: < OR = 0.45]

2.19% [ADULTS: 1.25-1.85]

40 [ADULTS: < OR = 29]

5.5 [1.5-9.3]

I already supplement with zinc, b complex, vit-D, and fish oil, otherwise these numbers would be worse. The general doc who ordered the tests and saw these results thinks my T is fine, DHEA good, and E a bit high (it’s rather high IMO), so he’s going to refer me to an endo. Ideally I was hoping I could just be put on a low dosage of an anti-e or AI and be done with it.

Thank you.

your tsh is aweful.

1 = possible problem
2 = problem
3 = serious problem

what symptoms do you have?

what is your temperate at wake up, noon, and 8pm?
does it vary > 1 day to day or within one day?

you need to test for Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, 8am Cortisol, and ferritin

like most people you could probably benefit from 6,000iu Vitamin D3.

Estrogen and T seems like a problem, but may balance out if you can get your other systems in balance. at your age, you want to avoid HRT if at all possible.

what is your doctor saying?

Thank you, PureChance.

Hmmm you’re right, TSH is on the high side, meaning possible hypothyroid. My body temperature? I don’t check, but I don’t really have any noticeable issues. I mean, I read an article on ergo-log praising cold vs hot showers, and now take cold showers on the regular; I’m not temperature-sensitive.

I need to schedule an appointment with an Endo. My original reason for seeking medical advice from the general physician was for gyno, but should I rather seek a full blood profile and review from the endo? Reasons being suspicion of T/E/TSH being out of whack and symptoms of gyno and sleepiness?

I’d certainly rather avoid the life-long decision of HRT at my age. Hopefully this issue can be corrected.

Thank you.