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19 Y/O, Low Libido, No Morning Wood

IDK about HCG helping you. You are near the top of the range for LH. LH is what signals the balls to make Test. HCG is an LH mimic. When you inject HCG, LH should go down.

Basically, I think your balls are already getting all the signal they need to make testosterone.

I also heard it can make me grow since I’m 19

Would there be harm in trying it out. I tried clomid and it didn’t really help me out.

Gonna take another angle at this - what is your mental health situation? High anxiety? Depression? Life stress? I’ve had issues with this when my anxiety is not under control and when I’m in a bad headspace. Fixing those issues pretty well cleared it up for me. I don’t totally know that morning wood is a good indicator that things are working properly - my libido is healthy and everything works anatomically, but haven’t had morning wood more than a handful of times a year for the last 5 or so years.

I think you are thinking of HGH.

It might help to tell us what testing methods were used in the testosterone panel, if immunoassay it can’t be relied upon for accuracy.

I do find it strange your available T isn’t higher given your Total T and SHBG levels. I wonder what your albumin levels are.

You aren’t expected to show any benefits to HCG which mimics LH and given your LH is already high, it shouldn’t even be consideration.

What bloodwork should I get tested? @systemlord